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5 yoga asanas to build your immune system

We always come to yoga for various reasons, be it losing weight, releasing stress, tension but have you ever wondered how these asanas can help us to build a better healthy immune system? Yoga for immunity is a thing. While yoga helps us to rejuvenate our mind and body, there are certain yoga poses for immunity if you are feeling sick, or looking for a dose of prevention. Here are 5 Yoga poses for you to practice.


Tadasana also called the mountain pose is the mother of all asanas. It is because of a base pose from which all the asanas emerge. This basic pose can be done at any time of the day. If you are following Tadasana along with all other postures, make sure that you have an empty stomach. Tadasana helps us to restore balance in our body and regulates our digestive system. It calms down breathing, increases awareness, relieves tension, and boosts blood circulation. Tadasana evicts dullness and keeps you stimulated. It improves your energy and your body and mind stay harmonized.


Also known as the 'big toe pose' this asana helps you to stretch your muscles present at the back of your legs. This asana helps to calm down the brain as well it relieves stress and anxiety. The digestive system is facilitated which improves digestion in the system. Your liver and kidney receive more blood flow. Hence, by relaxing the central nervous system, you tend to keep insomnia, away, and helps in better sleep at night.


Ardha Matyasendrasana is also known as the Half Lord of the fishes and is helpful for the spinal cord decompress and nourishment of the spine. This helps our body's internal system a lot including our Immune system. These twists help our body to evict all the toxins that have build up and these toxins have the potential to cause any inflammation in the body and disturb the body's natural immune system. This asana deals with gently compress, twist, or stimulate that helps the stomach with digestive issues.


Viparita Karani is the legs up the wall pose and is the ultimate pose for stress-busting.

It relaxes your whole body. It allows lymph drainage, blood circulation properly, releasing pressure from your back and helps you feel grounded, helping your nervous system completely relax and reset

For optimal immunity, we need our nervous system to be strengthened and working properly.


This balancing asana helps to enhance fresh blood flow throughout our body, by pressing certain pressure points, giving the body a jolt of immunity-boosting fluid. The squeezing movement in the legs and arms helps to improve circulation and discharge toxins. Keeping our immune system strong.

This asana also helps to release tension and all other stagnant energy present in our body.

Take time for yourself to practice the above following asanas to maintain a healthy immune system that will keep you away from all sorts of diseases. Find yourself time to move, breathe, breathe covering the right asanas that work for you. Listen to your body, what it says. You'll feel the difference. The Human body is great natural resistant to diseases, make sure you keep it protected.



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