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Chicmomz: Where comfort meets vogue for all moms-to-be

A woman has to face a lot of challenges in her life. Be it at home or in society. Talking about pregnancy, it is one of the most beautiful times for a woman yet she has to face a lot of taboos and stereotypes. A lot of people do not like women breastfeeding in public; they cringe about women wearing western clothes or fashionable clothes and expect them to wear oversized clothes to fit their baby bump. It's high time people put an end to stereotypes and embrace women.

Chicmomz is a brand that respects and adores women and supports sustainable, comfortable and fashionable living. They make affordable maternity clothes that can be reused post-pregnancy making them sustainable. She wants to bridge the gap women face.

‘Chicmomz’ is a Delhi based maternity wear brand. The brand is founded by two sisters, Aanchal Jaura and Aashna. When Aanchal was pregnant and had to buy maternity clothes, she realized that at that time there were very few brands that would sell maternity clothes, and they were very expensive as well. A woman has to go through a lot during her pregnancy and they do not deserve to be bothered about what to wear and what not to during that time.

Moreover, most of the maternity clothes cannot be used post-pregnancy and spending so much for a few months feels too much. That is when they thought about creating a brand which encourages women to wear stylish yet comfortable and affordable clothes during such a precious time of their life.

Aanchal says that understanding once self-intuition is important. She believes that a woman should be able to wear what they like. She thinks that dressing up as per our choice makes one feel more empowered and confident. That is the way she wants her customers to feel after wearing the clothes she makes. The fabric she uses is so soft that it adds a level of comfort for them. The fabrics used in making them are not only comfortable but are also chic and elegant. Every woman should be able to cherish their life and feel confident and comfortable.

Hailing from a traditional business family in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh and currently, Delhi based. After completing her graduation from Delhi University and MBA from IBS, Anchal worked in companies such as HDFC and American express while sister Aashna completed her engineering in computer science and a master’s in England and later on explored the fields of journalism and content writing in NDTV and also a few ones in England.

Aanchal and Aashna are like a one-woman army, handling everything from finances to production. Aanchal handles operations, finances, sales, logistics, and management at Chicmomz, while Aashna takes care of the creative work, press releases, and negotiations. However, they do the merchandising, styling, make fabric choices, and pre-production work together.

Before they launched their brand, they talked to a few moms and also created an account on social media to make people aware of their brand and what they are promoting.

The name of the brand is given keeping fashion and women in mind. The meaning of Chic is stylish or fashionable and their brand is all about pregnant women and dedicated to all moms hence they named it ‘Chicmomz’. They have tops, short dresses, maxi dresses and other clothes for women. The pieces are packaged and shipped out with a personalized touch.

The main reason why people love ‘Chicmomz’ is that they make affordable maternity clothes that are below Rs.2k. They use fabric that is comfortable to wear yet stylish. The clothes are sustainable as they can be used post-pregnancy too and restyled accordingly.

They launched their brand in October and in November Kareena Kapoor Khan was in Pataudi, Delhi and they got a chance to deliver their brand clothes to her. She wore one of the dresses which is the white bling maxi dress and styled it so well. That and a peplum top are some of their hot selling products now.

Anchal's message to all the woman entrepreneurs is "Every woman is special. Women are gifted with the special power of giving birth to a new life. Whatever comes, women can rise above that.”

I have linked the website so that you can go through their collection and I have also linked their Instagram handle so that you can stay updated on the latest offerings.



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