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LiL'Goodness: Born out of the passion to bring in a change

In India, people are mostly not aware of what is good for their health and what is not. We have a tendency to take our health for granted and take care of it only when we get sick or have any disease. That should not be the approach when it comes to health care. One should research well and make sure they have minimum junk food and maximum nutritional food in their daily life for a healthy and happier life.

Until a few years, back Harshavardhan and Pariksha Rao were leaders in some of the top digital healthcare businesses in the corporate world. During their stints in the corporate world, they understood that food and nutrition, at an early stage were critical to a positive impact on their health. Most packed food products in India contain high calories as well as added sugar, colour, preservatives and are low in nutritional value. These lead to diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart issues, high sugar level, and high cholesterol level and other chronic illness.

After researching thoroughly about it, the founders of LiL’Goodness worked on the initial concept of LiL’Goodness. They wanted to introduce food products that have no added preservative, sugar, colour or any other chemicals, instead, they would be high in nutritional values, with the same great taste. The major concern was around kids who have a tendency to gain weight easily, ~ 26% of kids in India are overweight or obese.

The pandemic brought a lot of changes in snacking behaviour, with a distinct shift towards healthy categories and a shift towards panic buying of lower-cost known snack categories. LiL’Goodness had to adapt accordingly.

Since families are staying at home and with online classes kids tend to snack more. They launched multigrain puffs made with the tiniest super grain-teff, Jaggery with vitamin B12 and prebiotic chocolates over the past 6 months to adapt to the pandemic induced buying behaviour. They also launched a unique subscription-based personalised snack boxe where parents can personalise the weekly snack box for their kids so that they don’t get bored of eating the same snack every day.

It’s high time that parents should set an example of healthy snacking so that kids follow the same. The healthy alternatives will help them stay fit and active thereby improving their lifestyle.

I have linked the website and the social media handle so that you can go through the same and also keep yourself updated on the latest offerings.



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