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This Woman Entrepreneur's brand is revolutionizing the fashion game with her unique designs and inno

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Tasuvure founded by Sonal Saraf is one of the first brands in India to create clothing from unique micro pleated fabrics, which are not only just lightweight but are also timeless.

Belonging from a traditional Marwari family, everything started for Sonal, 25 years back. She always had an eye for fashion and she knew that it was her passion and she wants to do something about this. Growing up, Sonal didn't have proper training in fashion but had a keen interest and knowledge about this.

Also, after a few years of working her way through informal shows and exhibitions, She always had an eagerness for details, strong visualization skills, an intrinsic sense of style and had a thought of starting something of her own and taking it up seriously, and that's how

" Tasavure by Sonal Saraf" was born which is an online store and at various stores across the country.

Now there's always a story behind naming something that you've created on your own, for Sonal she always wanted something uncommon, a little different from other names. As she was more into creating Turkish, Arabic style of jewelry, she wanted a name that has a hint of theology in it, and thus the name "Tasavure" was formulated.

Tasuvure flaunts Modern, western wear with a contemporary fusion of Indian designs, having a timeless appeal to it. The main intention of Tasavure is TSV that is to create, Timeless, Stylish, and Versatile outfits for the free-spirited women of today's world. The outfits are designed in a timeless manner which means they don't fade out even if you wear them after 5,10 years, they'll still look elegant on you, those are easy to style and can be styled in various ways.

Tasuvure's Signature styles are curated by unique micro pleated fabrics with remarkable structural shapes that are flattering and striking and are easy and ready to wear pairing it along with some statement jewelry that can make you do from Nay to Yay. The exclusive thing about Tasavure that makes it Stand out from the crowd is that the garments are extremely usable having unique specialties such as

● They are wrinkle-proof and need no ironing

● Lightweight outfits, comfortable to wear and travel friendly

● The outfits can be worn at any time of the day

Sonal's personal favorite from their collection is the Indian Collection which are sarees that are easy to wear, extremely lightweight yet they will look extremely gorgeous and elegant.

Setting up a label or a brand is not an easy task but for Sonal, she never faced any pressure as this was something that she loved doing right from her childhood and was her hobby. She didn't have a target or audience to reach first. And just like that, everything went with the flow for her.

The Pricing for the garments start from 5000 bucks and are up to till 25000 bucks

Lastly, Sonal fashion is something effortless, looks stylish with absolute minimum effort, and follows TSV.



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