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Dripping Comfort with Kearo

Do you know that 90% of infections spread from our private parts on a daily basis?

The demographics that are affected most are women. But urinary infections, rashes and other fungal reactions that occur in our private parts have a lot to do with our underwear. We generally focus on personal hygiene or toilets etc but something which is equally important is the underwear that we use.

Today, I will be speaking about a brand that is not only redefining comfort in their underwear but also is functional and safe for your personal hygiene to protect you against all kinds of infections.

Presenting, they have a wide range of bikinis, hipsters, trunks and briefs. They are so comfortable that for a minute you might even feel that you aren't wearing one.

Apart from being super comfy, they offer a wide range of quirky prints and colours that are simply adorable and have an amazing appeal to the millennial and gen Z crowd. If you are someone looking for subtle colours, they also have their own touch with such colours. They also focus on finding the right fit for you by being size inclusive as comfort has a lot to do with finding your right fit.

Innerwear is the first garment a person wears every day. Love how millennial entrepreneurs are coming up with so many choices in the market. In our times, there weren’t enough choices in the market. If you can decide upon your outfit to bring out your persona, why can't you decide your underwear to be the same?

Say NO to boring undies…

Say YES to Kearo..

So what are you waiting for now? Order yours today!! Also stay tuned for a detailed interview of the founder coming up soon.

I have linked the website and the social media handle so that you can keep yourself updated with the latest offerings.

Till then say YES to comfort, say YES to KEARO



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