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Adaara Couture: An amalgamation of the old world charm and contemporary flair

The dynamism in Indian fashion Industry has been evolving over the years. Whereas big names are expanding globally, a lot of local fashion designers are rising to fame with their idiosyncratic ideas and entrepreneurial approach. Incepted from one such creative mind is Adaara, a brand that radiates warmth, richness and impeccable representation of indigenous art forms of India. The subtle crafts are making a mark in the ever-so-glamorous fashion world, compelling the fashion enthusiasts to stand and admire the creations.

Adaara, a fashion studio is a brainchild of Sunaila Manchan who started the voguish affair back in 2017. With sheer fascination for the fabrics, along with an undying enthusiasm to create masterpieces out of it, Sunaila sharpened her eye for fashion with not only practical but theoretical knowledge as well. After completing her Master’s in Contemporary Fashion and gathering proficient expertise, she decided to fuel her passion, taking it a step closer to the fashion world. Adaara, meaning ‘epitome of beauty,’ in Arabic, is a perfect epithet for the brand that strives to create a myriad of outfits that resonate with contemporary times.

Moving to Ayodhya, a holy city in Uttar Pradesh, India, Sunaila found herself in a space to understand and explore the fashion demands of the city. For a city that underpins the most authentic of Indian roots both culturally and religiously, introducing a contemporary fashion label there, was a challenging task. Nonetheless, the road less explored was taken, and soon Sunaila found herself interacting and learning with people who enlightened her more about the fashion world. While unearthing the many layers of fashion in a bounded settlement, she came across unsung artisans who deserved their share of exposure for their impeccable art. These artisans were satiated in their little communities, for them it was not as easy a task to travel to different cities and earn their bread and butter away from their roots.

With the discovery of indigenous artists, the goal of Adaara became clearer than ever. The idea magnified into from being a contemporary fashion label to providing a workflow for the mis-prized craftsmen, appreciating their ever-green techniques and helping them earn from their art forms. A golden venture, with a humanitarian touch makes Adaara what it is today. It took the right amount of enthusiasm towards fashion and an intricate connoisseurship that led to the discovery of Adaara and the skilled local artisans who deserve the world. In addition to premium clothes with the most detailed designs, Adaara stood out with the sense of affordability that made it a people’s brand. Adaara is driven by a sense of homeliness and a promise to stay true to the roots with an aim that people turn to this fashion studio instead of looking up to some apparel brand invented on foreign lands.

The pandemic led Adaara to enhance its digital footprints. As the fashion studio went online, a myriad of new possibilities surged for the brand. Growing on the digital vertical is not an easy task, yet Sunaila is all set to strive and take Adaara to new heights. With a range of exquisite collections, namely Nazar, Urban Edit, Downtown and Bageecha, Adaara has been able to cater to a myriad of fashion wants. Nazar, as the name suggests, drives all the eyeballs to the magnificent collection embellished with the most authentic traditional look weaved in muslin with intricacies crafted in crochet. On the other hand, Urban Edit is another collection that was creative with intensive diligence, its essence lies in the fusion of contemporary designs garnished with traditional exquisites. Weaved in Mul fabric, the collection is an ode to the Indianised roots. In contrast to the said collection, there’s Bageecha, a collection that stays true to verdant hues in its name. This collection uses natural dyes which are harmless to the environment. Another feather to the cap is the Gota Glam collection, carded with care, the pieces in this collection are weaved in cotton. The prints are created with an air of royalty. Light on the body, heavy on crafting, Gota Glam is sure to swoon you off your feet. Lastly, there’s Downtown, which speaks volumes of contemporary chic with its trendy dresses.

The brand Adaara, is a vivid experience, an ode to the Indian weavers, and an amalgamation of the most authentic aspects of the country. From magnum-opus traditional attires, to stylish trendy outfits, Adaara has it all. Keeping the beauty of naturalism alive, the brand is a step to revolutionise the fashion industry, giving a push to sustainable fashion approach.

I have connected their website and social media handle so that you can go through the same and can also keep yourself updated on the most recent contributions.



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