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Alika Crafts: Handmade by Artisans with love

The above line would definitively showcase how I would portray the brand "Alika Crafts". The story isn't just about a brand story but also about how a brand with such an excellent message is making an imprint in the Indian Market.

Founded by Ms. Maya Muralidharan, Alika Crafts was destined to make credible hand-tailored articles effectively open to both online and offline customers based across India.

"Post my marriage in 2016, we used to traverse various parts of India and abroad.

Being masterfully disposed and having a propensity for hand-tailored curios, we began gathering something very similar during our excursions. Sometimes it was compositions, hand-printed upholsteries, and so forth. Albeit the vast majority who voyaged abroad for occasions bought handcrafted articles and ancient rarities and really valued them, not many had a similar appreciation for items made by our local craftsmen. Two critical reasons were access and cost. The ones currently accessible in the market are evaluated at a rate that makes individuals mull over purchasing the item, and the second is restricted platforms that sell such things. Considering the above elements, I arranged and worked my approach to setting up Alika Crafts." says Maya.

Maya's broad foundation in the corporate world as a Marketing professional proved to be very beneficial for Alika. Despite the fact that Alika Crafts is her first Entrepreneurial endeavor, her abilities, the board, imagination, and, in particular, business sketch work is totally right on the money.

You're for sure seeing this blend of customary specialty with Metropolitan Taste. The brand has additionally considered recruiting and fair employment potential open doors for conventional craftsmen. This is one of the key mainstays of the brand.

You can likewise see the huge range of remarkable, exquisite, classy assortment of packs and different antiques which guarantee a long period of involvement to its purchasers.

Let me share something that stunned or was a shock of joy. The thing presented by Alika Crafts is remarkable. They have vanquished evaluation that overcomes any barrier between design and cost. Their cost range begins from only 800 INR and goes up to 2500 INR.

Large numbers of my regarded readers could scrutinize the quality or even the eco-accommodating part of the bags in the wake of hearing the costs. Allow me to reveal some insight into the equivalent.

Leather is regular and eco-friendly, and it tends to be given to ages because of its solidness and adaptability. Isn't sustainability the main need of this industry now?

If you were to get some information about the quality note, that is the last thing you ought to contemplate on the grounds that Ms. Maya never neglects to associate with shoppers to actually guarantee consumer loyalty.

Do take a look at these bags that I handpicked for my perusers from her socials. The fabulous hand weaving of the packs, the colorwork, and the painted pieces are the main instances of the Variety of India.

The brand works intimately with Pan Indian rustic craftsmen, guaranteeing such flawless work.

"We likewise offer bags with multifaceted subtleties like patches of Kutchi weaving and patterns made in Ajrakh Mashru Silk texture. The craftsmen make the sack by cutting, punching, molding, and joining the leather pieces either by sewing or paste. They color the bags and add bright adornment to the leather with weaving in differentiating shaded strings. Golden and silver string fastens and mirror work make the piece compellingly beguiling" quotes Maya.

Each piece is special and unique in itself. Hand-tailored packs require nearly 24 hours to finish, and some could even require as long as three days, contingent upon how much intricate the work is. Their hits are the Ajrakh Texture bags and Kutchi Embroidery bags.

The last perception that I couldn't imagine anything better than to make reference to about this brand would be the way travel-friendly the bags are. The metropolitan remainder of each bag with a color of customary distinctive work is truly outstanding. I would sensibly refer to it as "Straightforwardness With Class."

I have connected the Instagram handle for you to go through and do reach out to them to get your most loved carefully assembled directly delivered to your doorstep. Remember to remark on your #1 ones in the comment section.



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