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Dagina: A premium silver jewellery brand

In addition to the fact that India is notable for its tradition and culture, today we will speak exhaustively about the Nature-enlivened brand, the Dagina Exclusive, started off in 2020 by Harsh Mehta and Priyanka Mehta.

Dagina Began to make the specialty of adornments for a lifetime. The brand is aimed to create a legacy for quality, designs, and remarkable craftsmanship.

Dagina's Aphorism is commending and enabling craftsmen of India and sharing their tremendous expertise and knowledge through jewelry. On the off chance that you take a gander at their assortments, you'll comprehend how each piece of jewelry is arranged into a smart determination of adornments from the phenomenal vision of Harsh and Priyanka.

The Greatest Motivation behind the designs of Dagina is Nature. Heaps of beautifying vegetation should be visible on their different pieces. India existed as a nation near nature, with different economies. A brand with the philosophy of uniting a blend of natural, heritage and precious metals is the manner by which I might want to depict Dagina. Such superb designs have been portrayed in different expressions and specialties over hundreds of years, yet Dagina has eminently bought together such designs with these precious gemstones.

The logo of Dagina has a phenomenal story behind it. The logo epitomizes that Indians treat ladies as goddesses. The red speck in the logo represents the level of every dynamic Indian lady, which establishes somewhere down in culture and other worldliness. The red dab is a steady suggestion to see the world through your imagination, and the white specks around it is believed to avoid every one of the detestable considerations and perceptions in the process. Also, very much like the gems at Dagina, their logo with the red dab mirrors the brand's rich history and authority in the art they are glad for.

The brand, Dagina hangs out on the lookout for its price segment, authenticity, and Inclusivity.

Dagina has also recently launched its freshest assortment - Geet Collection, highlighting around 200 designs. Rings, earrings, accessories, armbands, are made utilizing a blend of silver and valuable stones, drawing motivation from age-old procedures and techniques. Take a look at these phenomenal designs and intricate craftsmanship.

Dagina has its retail locations in Pune but at the same time is available through its social media handles and e-commerce store.

Coming on digital sphere was quite difficult for the brand additionally in light of the fact that the brand began during the pandemic. The whole business work and economy had taken a gigantic hit, however the utilization of advanced media assisted many brands with maintaining and thriving in these tough situations. Making it into an online-based business was a battle with a learning curve.

They ship their products pan India and abroad. It requires 4-5 days for delivery within India and 15-20 days for global shipping. You can reach out to them by means of their social media handles to order, enquire or curate your fantasy gems. The social media team is super responsive and will help you with all your questions. I have likewise connected the website so you can go through their catalog as well.

I have cherished each piece of their curation and I recommend it to everybody. So what are you waiting for? Reach out today.



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