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Keeping the traditional legacy alive with Panna Sarees

This article will present you with an array of exquisite traditional ethnic collections at the most affordable prices that would not only adorn you but also will be a great way for you to participate in keeping the legacy of heritage weaves alive.

Panna sarees is a 125-year-old generational brand built with an oath to deliver quality heritage weaves to the masses along with preserving our Indian artisanal magic alive. The business is currently being operated by the fourth generation & to add it still works on its same grounded principle of keeping the traditional legacy alive. The brand started with a small blouse shop and then it expanded to a generational legacy to preserve Indian heritage weaves over time.

Their heritage and legacy is a perfect blend of craftsmanship, style, quality and most importantly customer satisfaction. Panna has made a name of its own in the retail industry

I completely love how over the years the brand has been delivering the same authentic quality. Take a look at some of the handpicked products from us-

As a brand, they always focus on the relationship with the customer over the transactional business to ensure that all customers are satisfied. Their website is like a one-stop shop for everyone & every occasion. You'll fall in love with the amazing varieties & range for every festivities or daily wear.

Now let me share why I love this brand & would definitely recommend my readers to try the brand out. I love the deep insight the brand has from the perspective of being in this industry for over 125 years, I love how they have always delivered such quality while keeping such an affordable price point. Lastly, I love how it presents an array of options for all occasions and every age group.

Panna sarees has 7 mega stores catering to customers of Delhi and NCR. Panna has also launched its flagship venture of Ranya in DT City Centre Mall. Also, they are opening a grand store in Vegas Mall, Dwarka

With entry into the online domain Panna aims to reach people by providing them best products at reasonable prices.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at their website & Instagram handle to place an order now!!!



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