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Kutchhismofficial – A Blend of Art Culture and Fashion

Today I will be sharing a story of a brand that has taken the oath of wonderfully blending our Indian Culture & Fashion together and this amalgamation has given birth to an immortal brand indeed. Trust me Guys this is a brand that I have interviewed myself and honestly, I can't express how much I wanted my words to depict the insight of the brand.

I would call the brand an amazing portrayal of mini-heritage Indians. A hub with Traditional Bandhani, Shibori and Ajrakhs Block print. You can see some magnificent pieces below that would show you the intricate work of hand print and embroidery variations. The art & vision behind every design is inspiring. I love how the brand has balanced the fashion, modern trends & highlighting our heritage weaves in the best light.

Honestly, this brand is a boon to all my female readers. This Gujarat-based brand strives to curate a line where women can find everything from intricate Raibandhej collections to artistic and distinctive Sarees Dupattas, Lehenga’s and traditional Abha/Kurtacollections.

"The 'Raibandhej collection' which is appreciated and loved by clients all around the world, is their most popular. It's not just that, but Bollywood celebs were also recently spotted in a Designer Pastel Raibandhej Saree from Kutchhism, as well as other fashion bloggers and Influencers from all over the country and the world, appreciate their brand." quotes the founder.

Now let me share some of the favorites that I handpicked for this article. The first one is Lucknowi Bandhani sarees, contemporary designers, Abstract Bandhani designs, half-and-half conceptual sarees and much more...

You can see a unique blend of Bandhani with Madhubani, Kalamkari, Shibori and Ajrakh patterns, which are not only beautiful but also environmentally sustainable. This is one of the fine pieces that wonderfully compliment intricate weaving techniques. The next one would be the wide range of handlooms that you can see over their Instagram and facebook page.

I also love the Shibori work done on sarees, Dupattas and tunics which will indeed make you fall in love with them. Kutchhism works exclusively with all of Kutch's National and State award-winning artisans, who have handcrafted exclusively and vow to showcase their talent to the rest of the world.

"Women from all around the country are joining together to reclaim the traditional clothing, and a saree does not require a 'Body-Type.' Because that's the beauty of a saree, because Kutchhism supports and encourages body acceptance, one size fits all, looks wonderful on all, and can be shared by all." quotes the Founder.

Now let me share why I love this brand so much. At first, reason would be how the brand works towards quality control & customer satisfaction all the time. Secondly, I would like to mention that their mission of safeguarding our heritage weaves and combining them with modern ethnic fashion is one of the biggest reasons why I think you should always choose them over other brands.

Last but not the least, Kutchhism has also started Bridal wear Dupattas and Sarees with amazing hand embroidery, Gota-patti work, Mukesh work, Sequins work, Bead work, Pitha work and Zardosi work to enhance the beauty of Bandhani for Kutchhism bride.

Outfits for each and every Occasion. Our next aim /Target is to launch ready Kaftans/Suite, Tunic wear, Co-operate wear, Co-ord’s sets, Casual wear, Beach Wear with amazing design and styles for ready end Customers

Take a look at their Instagram handle to know more about the brand and order your favorites. When you order from them, you not only make a purchase & pick an outfit that would compliment you but also, become an active participant in spotlighting our heritage weaves & supporting the bigger mission. Wishing the brand all the success for the future!! Don't forget to comment on your favorites and share them with your friends.

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