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The fascinating story of Goavega by Sumana Iyengar

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Sumana Iyengar is the Co-founder of Goavega. It is a product which is the engineering and design house that offers product engineering services across cloud, cyber security, block chain and data analytics. This start-up is the one solution to high-end tech services.

This woman entrepreneur grew up in Bengaluru in a middle class family. Her father had a bakery. She says that her father has been her role model and has inspired her to be an entrepreneur.

Sumana completed her bachelor’s in engineering in electronics and communication. She worked in an IT sector in a number of multinational companies before she finally started her own start-up. She started Goavega in the year 2014. She is also the Co-founder of Krimzen, a business management solution for retail dispensaries, wholesale distributors, product processors and more.

Sumana Iyengar was joined by Sachin Nigam, who is the Co-founder and CTO of the company set up the technology and roadmap for this start-up. Mahesh Alayil is the one who manages the delivery and release of the product as well as training and skill development. His expertise include mobile, social and cloud computing. All three of them used to work in the same organisation before starting Goavega. They thought they could start a company with the existing knowledge in product development and management of services.

Goavega started as a technology consultancy with very few clients. They realized that their expertise was in product engineering services where they could build world-class products and platforms which will provide innovative solutions and products for customers globally. It provides digital product engineering services which includes technology advisory across cloud, cyber security, block chain, data analytics, etc.

Their services of developments, micro services, cloud-first, mobile first and API first approach. The structure will include design, development, testing and managing procut life cycle end-to-end. Their offerings are coupled with agile methodologies, leveraging data using AI and ML. implementing security and privacy by design principles and experience using AR-VR.

The target of Goavega in not just limited to India. They provide their services worldwide. They work for independent software vendors (ISV’s), product companies, start-ups. Customers are from different domains like education, healthcare, BFSI, retail and ecommerce, etc.

The start-up works on different revenue models such as Time and material, Fixed Bid and Hybrid for charging customers for their services accordingly on a monthly or milestone basis.

Their start-up is reaching heights. The company faces a lot of challenges but still, Sumana says that currently Goavega is growing 15-20% year on year. They have problems in hiring or infrastructure or working area. But they are moving forward and growing their company more.

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