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Your key to sustainable parenting with Coach Summer Thompson

It is very natural as Millennial parents to experience baby blues. When we become parents, self care kind of takes the back seat. We miss taking care of ourselves and we keep on fulfilling our duties. I still remember when I first started going back to work after having my son. I had to juggle through guilt of not being a stay at home mom and taking care of my kid and prioritising my career. I feel my readers would also relate to this experience. Honestly, I want all my readers to meet Coach Summer as I completely relate how important it is to have a friend in this overwhelming (yet blissful) journey of motherhood.

Coach Summer is the mother of three and a certified master life coach, who loves to help moms to live their life and prioritise themselves with sustainable parenting.

If you're a mom or are planning to have a baby or you're pregnant, Summer can be your biggest guide and mentor. Her work focuses a lot on mental health and self care. She works with her amazing strategies to help moms realise who they are. She also states about the dilemma a new parent goes through as somewhere many of us lack the presence of a parent role model. We as moms try a lot to deliver our love and responsibilities the ways the society wants us to.

She has a wonderful Facebook community, Badass Mother Support Network, where you can join for free and create a support network for this amazing journey of motherhood. You'll find some valuable tips, affirmations and a lot more..

Summer also has coaching programs that would help you to find your identity and love yourself. She has 1:1 coaching programs catered to your needs. You can get on a free call with her to understand more about the benefits of working together and to meet your future confident self.

Here are three of the best tips from Coach Summer (for all the moms out there) -

  1. You're not alone. You're going through what other moms are going through as well. You'll make it.

  2. Trust yourself and your intuition.

  3. Listen to your body and take a break, when you need it.

So, if you're a mom, you know how to reach out to Summer. If you know someone, who is a mom or is about to be a mom soon, make her join this amazing mom support network.

Do checkout her Instagram handle and her Facebook page. You can also become a part of her Facebook group and become a part of her community.



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