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10 best getaways specially curated for this new year 2021

1. Goa:

Goa is an amazing place to celebrate new year. It has a bunch of all night beach parties. The whole of Goa is lit up and gets ready for it’s new year plans. The Christmas and new year week can be enjoyed in Goa as there are many churches to visit as well. The food is amazing there and for sea food lovers it’s a paradise. Major music festivals like the Sunburn too take place during this time of the year. The beach definitely adds a plus point to visit Goa.

2. Ladakh:

Leh Ladakh is a very unique place to start new year in. The highlight of New Year there being the Losar festival. It is primarily celebrated to ensure positivity and happiness. Ladakh is a place which has a beautiful blend of cultures, customes, folk dances and processions during the celebration. The scenary adds a major plus point to it too.

3. Manali:

Manali is a hub for camping and trekking. One can enjoy the adventures there. New year celebrations are absolutely lit there. Overnight stay in campsite on riversides and firecracker shows are bliss. One can a go rafting there too. Bonfire, live music, trekking, and other entertainment activities are some of the fun things there.

4. Jaisalmer:

New Year is a special time for everyone. But jaisalmer offers an unforgettable experience. The best way to celebrate the arrival of New Year is by visiting the various tourist spots there. This is a preferred destination for many people. One can enjoy New Year in different ways here. One can go camping in the sand dunes, to enjoy traditional folk music there, the food here is amazing and one gets to visit different havelis too.

5. Kasol:

Kasol is a famous place for many events and festivals during this time of the year. Kasol is known as the ‘Heaven’s Gateway’ for it’s beautiful mountains to lush green lands and serene environment. This is a party capital of Himachal.

6. Kadaikanal:

Kadaikanal is a hill station in the southern part of Tamil Nadu. It is famous for it’s eye pleasing grassy hills, lakes, valleys and waterfalls. There are many local traditional festivals going on during this time of the year. Apart from this people can enjoy the beautiful spots this place offers. Let it be rowing or trekking or partying, this place has a lot of reasons where people can enjoy a relaxing vacation.

7. Andaman and Nicobar islands:

Visiting Andaman and nicobar islands is one of the best decisions in this time of the year. The weather is amazing between December to February and the white sands and sparkling blue waters are soothing and extatic. The picturesque beauty of this place and the different water sports and activities offers a lot for people to enjoy during their stay.

8. Sikkim:

During winter the beauty of Sikkim and the calming nature makes it one of the must visit places in India. The lakes are frozen and hills are covered with snow, perfect for a bon fire. Sikkim has numerous tourist spots to visit as well.

9. Gulmar, Jammu and Kashmir:

The people who want to celebrate New year in beautiful and calming locations, Jammu and Kashmir is a must go place. The hills are covered with snow and the towns are silent. It is a paradise for nature lovers.

10. Delhi:

The capital of the country has much to offer during the New year celebrations as well. There are a lot of party places and events going on during this time. One can take short trips from delhi as well. The weather too is very cold and calming during this time.



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