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10 budget friendly international destinations to travel in your 20’s

You think international travel destinations will dig a hole in your pocket? Not necessarily. There are many destinations where you can enjoy and explore in a budget friendly manner. And these are a must travel destinations in your 20’s.

1. Bhutan: People from India, Bangladesh and Maldives do not require a visa to travel to Bhutan. Bhutan is famous for it’s monasteries, beautiful mountains, food, trekking, rafting and famous wooden shops. Bhutan is the last Himalayan kingdom and it filled with beautiful snow peaks. Thimpu is a must visit place here.

2. Nepal: Nepal is a diverse country which welcomes it’s tourist with open arms. Some go there for trekking on the Himalayas while other go to know a slice of it’s culture. Most travellers spend most of their time in Kathmandu. While the other famous places are Bhaktapur, Chitwan National park, Lakeside town of Pokhara, etc.

3. Maldives: Maldives is one of the most attractive travel destinations for people. It is knows for it’s blue waters, palm trees and sparkling white sand. It is one of the best beach getaway. It has amazing marine life which one could explore. It has the perfect blend of luxury and tranquillity.

4. Bali: Indonesia has more than 17000 islands but Bali has a unique touch of it’s own. Bali is considered as a tropical paradise. Some of the top attractions there are- sacred monkey forest sanctuary, waterbom bali, double six beach, seminyak beach, and water parks.

5. Sri Lanka: Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka is a small but beautiful island to visit. It has long golden beaches, coconut and palm trees, mountains and rubber and tea plantations. This island is filled with colonial architecture from the days when Portuguese, Dutch and English ruled.

6. Singapore: This small city-state is described as a playground for the rich. It is filled with luxury hotels and malls and fine dining places. It also has a rich history one can explore. Singapore has excellent public transportation systems and is a very convenient and easy going place. It is one of the easiest places to visit and a budget friendly travel destination too.

7. Vietnam: Vietnam is another beautiful city to visit. It has a mix of cultural diversity. It has aesthetic scenery and mountains to green lands. It is a place for outdoor lovers, bikers, hikers who can enjoy the countryside and explore different aspects of this city.

8. Cambodia: Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nationa whose landscapes span from low lying plains to Mekong Delta to the mountains to the Gulf of Thailand coastline. It’s capital is a home to the art deco Central Market, Royal palace and National Museum. It is undoubtedly an amazing travel destination.

9. Hong Kong: Hong Kong is known as a shoppers’ paradise Other than shopping it is famous for its high altitude, local cuisine, cultural festivals and sport competitions. It is one of the most glamorous cities and a top choice for luxury shopping.

10. Thailand: Thailand located in Southern Asia, it is known for its food, culture, martial arts, beaches and temples. Thailand has many islands which are great tourist spots as well. Thai food is one of the most rewarding food experiences.

These are some of the most famous international travel places one can visit in a pocket friendly fare.



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