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10 unique style resolutions for 2021!

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

2020 has been a tough year for each one of us thus getting a fresh start into 2021 is super appealing. Be it that typical diet, fitness or financial sustenance. Why not try something a bit different this year? This year why not make it up to all those unworn clothes, shoes and wear them with brimming pride, confidence, and vigor.

We’ve got a bunch of suggestions for you below that one can opt for.

1. Flaunting that Backless look

What's better way to keep your style game strong this season with some backless look.

In Le Grand Blond Avec Une Chaussure Noire (1972), French Actress Mireille Darc wore this 360° TikTok reveal cinematic gown, that looks gorgeous. Adding a Visible thong will level up the game.

2. Wearing more bright colors

Wearing more bright colors along with Block prints can be a good option to go with. Wearing bright colors will not only brighten up the outfit but will also make you feel brighter and happier.

3. Embracing the Duvet Look

One of the most emerging outfits is the Duvet dress which has challenged people into turning their quilts into some amazing outfits which turned out to be fabulous!

4. Buying and repeating outfits

The Pandemic has taught all of us to make the best use of what we already have. The best way of doing it is repeating the clothes without buying them. Reusing clothes will inspire you to make the best use of what you already have in your closet.

5. Matching chequerboard interiors to your closet

Be it Beth Harmon from The Queen's Gambit, chequerboard prints have been quite trendy nowadays and pairing up them with the right piece of clothing can take them to the next level.

6. When in a dilemma, add some accessories!

Any outfit can appear to be a bit off if it is not paired with the right set of accessories. Throwing off a necklace with a perfect pair of earrings can make you look a lot more different.

Accessories elevate the style game if Paired and worn properly.

7. Bringing back the Tube top fashion

Picking up a tube top is a stylish pick to wear at parties and events. Showing off those collar bones in style as you pair these tube tops with high waisted jeans or skirt along with black boots. Adding a jacket will also make it look more elegant and stylish.

8. Investing in a Shirtdress

A shirtdress is one of the most comfortable piece of clothing that needs to be there in one's wardrobe. Relaxed and easy-going casual wear in summers. Pairing it with some chunky Jewelry and heels will make you get going from work to straight away to the bar!

9. Wearing solid colors

Wearing monochromatic outfits necessarily doesn't mean that you've to wear a single color. The joy of wearing such outfits is that one can wear different shades and tints of the same color.

10. Mixing Traditional outfits

Mixing traditional outfits such as sarees with outfits such as Pantsuits is a great way to style up the same old piece of fabric. Traditional prints in western outfits are now a trend and surely a game-changer!

Keeping in mind everything, you must ensure and check which clothing suits you the best, and always go for the Three R's- Repeat Rethink and Rediscover. Your wardrobe deserves respect and do treat it with utmost peace and care.



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