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5 ways to adapt sustainable lifestyle

Sustainable living is a lifestyle choice that attempts to reduce an individual’s use of Earth’s natural resources and one’s personal resources. Sustainable lifestyle ensures environmental and wildlife protection, less emission of pollution, effective use of land and other resources. It also supports local markets, organic food and it embarks local culture values and zero wastage.

Sustainable lifestyle is a way of living that strengthens your health and supports the well-being of other people and protects the environment.

Here are some of the ways to adapt sustainable lifestyle:

1. Make changes in your personal lifestyle. Use public transport to lessen the emission of CO2. For short distances prefer walking or take a cycle. Walking or cycling is good for your health and fitness too.

2. Opt for reusable options. Carry your own bag and a refillable bottle. Avoid buying items in plastic bags, instead use handmade bags which will ensure lesser use of plastic bags and will also promote local markets.

3. Find sustainable shops which sell locally grown items and plastic free super markets. Buy from local organic farms and supermarkets. Don’t waste food. Throw your trash in the proper dustbins. Recycle and compost is another sustainable option. Order recycling bins, buy minimal packaging goods. You can get your own compost too.

4. Be responsible and save resources. Switch off the lights, fans and other electronic devices when not in use. Recycle paper and other waste as much as possible. You can also shift to renewable energy instead. Use energy generated from water, sun, wind power, heat energy, and biomass which are more sustainable options.

5. Spread awareness among people. All this won’t create a greater impact if more and more people don’t opt for this. It is high time people realize the harm we are doing to the environment and how we are on the verge of seizing earth’s natural resources.

Sustainable lifestyle is a very important and necessary lifestyle which people should opt inorder to live healthy and take care of the environment.



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