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5 Weekend Getaways just hours away from Kolkata

With the weekend, around the corner are you wondering what to do? Rather than spending the weekend in the comfort of your house why not go out to some spectacular places which are just a few hours from the city of joy.?

The usual weekend getaways are Digha, Puri, and Darjeeling for the Bengalis, also known as "Di-pu-da". But here are some exquisite weekend escapes from Kolkata that you can visit on your next weekend!

1. Tajpur Beach

Tajpur is a hidden beach, located between Shankarpur and Mandarmoni. Situated on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, it is an untouched beach with scenic beauties to enjoy far away from the hustle-bustle of Kolkata. The main highlight of this beach is those thousands of red crab which give a crimson shade to the shores.

How to get there-

1. By car, will take a time of about three hours

2. By train- One can catch a train to Ramnagar railway station and then from there, hire a cab to reach Tajpur

2. Itachuna Rajbari

A weekend escape to a 300-year-old rajbari, located at Hooghly is now a popular tourist spot mainly for staycations. Experiencing the royal heritage of Bengal with a glimmer of loyalty is something you surely don't wanna miss. They have spacious Air-conditioned rooms, traditional Bengali meals, providing all the comforts with a soothing, serene, and gorgeous ambiance

How to get there-

1. By car, a one to two-hour drive to directly there. Situated near Khanyan station.

2. By Train- Board any Burdwan line train and get down to Khanyan station. From there Auto and toto service is available

3. Bishnupur

A small town situated near Bankura district. Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta works, rich heritage, and culture including architecture, handicrafts, and music. One can easily indulge themselves amidst these beautiful temples and elegant terracotta works.

How to get there-

1. By car- Takes about 4-5 hours to reach Bishnupur

2. By train- You can board a train to Bankura and then go Bishnupur from there, as now direct trains are available for Bishnupur.

4. Sonajhuri Forest

Away from the chaos of the city, Sonajhuri is a place that nature-lovers will totally love! One of the cleanest forests and a great haven to experience and explore nature. Untouched by industrialization the place is lived by tribal people living a simple life.

Every Saturday a market is set up, known as the 'Sonajhurir Sonibarer haat' where you can find various terracotta jewelry, colorful accessories, good music, and food.

How to get there-

1. By car- You need to go to Shantiniketan, and then from there head to Sonajhuri Forest

2. By train- Board a train to Bolpur, Shantiniketan, and then reach out to Sonajhuri Forest.

5. Staycations near Diamond Harbour

Staycations are now a trendy thing where you can spend a night or two lavishly in a resort and Diamond Harbour is a must-visit for staycations. Resorts are available from where you can enjoy the beauty of the Ganges away from the mell-pell of the city.

How to get there-

1. By car- Drive straight to Diamond Harbour, Via DH road

2. By train- Board a train and get down to Namkhana, from there you'll get toto service.

Make sure that the next time you plan your weekend, you visit these places and explore them. All these destinations can be planned for a one to two-night stay, we are sure you are going to come back with a lot of memories, so what are you waiting for.?



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