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5 Yoga Asanas to try if you want to feel more productive and creative everyday.

A great kickstart to your day can always be done by indulging yourself in some kind of workouts, as they are proved to be releasing happy hormones which keeps us fresh and happy for the rest of the day. But not always it is possible to match up to heavy workout or cardio. In that scenario, you can always opt for yoga which will make you feel more energetic and regain mind-body balance and you'll feel more productive. Moreover, you don't require any special gear or much space for Yoga Asanas.

Here's a guide to 5 yoga asanas that you can try every day to feel more productive and creative.

1. Utkasana

Helps in improving concentration and focus.

A workplace is full of long meetings and deadlines, and it is important to take out some time for yourself and indulge yourself in some asanas that will calm your mind. Utkasana regulates the oxygen flow in our body helping us to feel more alert which will result in taking better decisions.

2. Sarvangasana

Sarvangasana is an inverted asana in modern yoga as exercise .To feel more full and productive, it is necessary to have a fit body and get rid of any physical ailment that you've. Sarvangasana keeps physical problems such as headaches, shoulder and neck pain, Arthritis away.

3. Setu- Bandhasana

A key to a creative mind and a fulfilling day is to remove any sort of Fatigue and increasing your energy level. Working nonstop can lead to increased stress levels and you can feel fatigued, tired. Practicing Setu- Bandhana can improve your blood circulation throughout the body, this results in less fatigue and increased energy levels leaving you to feel more productive and creative throughout the day.

4. Vinyasa

Yoga helps you feel more energetic, both physically and mentally. Vinyasa helps us to feel more focused, energetic, boosting up a positive attitude in us that will surely help us in our daily life and also in our workplace.

A positive attitude gives you confidence and a better mood including an efficient mind and there's no better way to start your day with Vinyasa.

5. Santolanasana

Santolasana helps in strengthening the thigh, arms, and shoulders and builds the core muscle. It also helps us in improving the nervous system giving us stability. Practicing Santolanasana every day energizes the entire body and instills the feeling of positivity, developing a sense of inner peace, harmony, and equilibrium.

With the ongoing situation of the Pandemic, most of us have to work from home, with the idea of work from home seems convenient but it is also Important to be productive. These Easy yoga asanas will help you reduce your mental stress and make you feel even more creative and productive.



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