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6 ways of Improving Parental Skills

Raising kids and being a parent is never an easy task. There's always so much to learn in this and this comes with a lot of challenges and frustration. Then what makes a good parent? A good parent need not has to be the perfect parent. No one is perfect, but what makes a good parent is someone who wants to improvise themselves and makes an effort to make decisions in the interest of their child.

Here are 6 ways to improve your parental skills.

1. Uplifting their self-esteem

Boosting your child's confidence is a crucial role in good parenting. Your words, tone of voice, body language everything a child absorbs and this determines the way how they see themselves. Words and actions of the parent develop their self-esteem more than anything else.

Praising them, encouraging them, will boost their self-confidence and they'll have the urge to do things on their own. However comparing them, passing belittle comments will make kids feel worthless.

2. Be the role model for your kids

Being a good role model and setting up good examples for them is necessary. Young children look up to their parents. They learn a lot by looking at their parents. Exhibiting behaviors such as respect, Friendliness, forgiveness has a very good impact on the child. Avoid self-centered behaviors. Focus more on Kindness. Treat your child the way

3. Healthy Communication

Good, healthy communication is an important key to any relationship. Listen to your kids, try to understand what they are trying to say or what they are feeling. Make it a priority to communicate with your kids, know about their fears, what they are expecting from you, what they are hoping for. Give them a safe space to share and tell everything without having the fear to get judged. Show that you love and care for them, their feelings.

4. Making memories with them

Happy memories tend to have a good impact on kids. Spending time with them, creating memories together helps a lot to build up a child's character. Quality time matters and so does quantity time. Setting up a rule to have dinners together, or probably watching a movie together, going on trips will help to create a strong bond between you and your child. Do everything that will help to create memories, as these memories will last for a lifetime.

5. Setting Limits and sticking to rules.

Establishing certain rules and limits and bringing discipline is essential in every household. This will not only teach your child about certain ethics but will also help them a lot to grow, and learn about self-control. Having a disciplined environment will help the children know their important limitations.

Rules such as no phone or tv until homework is done, no hurtful teasings, not hitting anyone can turn out to be beneficial.

6. Being Flexible

Sometimes parents tend to impose their unrealistic expectations on their kids without even realizing the outcome of it. When this happens parenting feels more burdening. You need to be flexible with your thoughts, your kids, and your parenting ways. It's always important to talk to your kids about your expectations, their expectations to create transparency between the two.

Parenting is not an easy task, but if you strive to improvise yourself then it might feel easy. It is always more important to be a good parent than a perfect one, nobody is perfect.



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