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A true gem of textile industry: Tanchoi Banaras

Banarasi sarees are desired by every woman regardless of social status or religion, making them stands out visible in the crowd with an aura of royalty, elegance and sophistication to channel the inner Queen. This ethnic wear of Indian women is not only famous in Indian fashion industry rather they are swiftly making their way to International Fashion world as well. We have also seen people from Indian fashion industry like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra increasingly going for this traditional and yet remarkable wear for the women. Bollywood fashionista like Rekha, Anushka Sharma, Madhuri dixit, Deepika Padukone have flaunted the classic entwine and thus giving a little more hype into this trend.

However, behind all this grace is a weaver and Tanchoi has gained my love and trust over a long span of time now. Tanchoi is a brand of amazing weavers whose skill and mastermind goes into the making of such a tremendous outfit. Usually it takes around 15 days to 3 months to complete a Banarasi saree, the time may vary depending on the difficulty of designs, patterns of saree and the cost depends on the labour and thread used.

Tanchoi Banaras, with an aim to strictly stick to only hand-woven products is a part of Kanhaiyalal Brijesh Kumar who are squatters in Banarasi handloom products since 1959, having an experience of over 60 years, serving quality with utmost perfection.

Tanchoi is one of the weaving techniques having a rich history where ‘Tan’ means Body and ‘Choi’ means Touch and thus providing with the best textiles with the incarnation of elegance.

Tanchoi Banaras, only sell products which are certified by silk mark organizations and are only hand weaved products. This business is in continuance from the 3 generations so one can imagine the kind of product you will be getting from Tanchoi Banaras. They are also a certified member of silk mark organisation of India and every saree bears a silk mark and are 100% PURE, NATURAL AND ORIGINAL. Their range of unique designs and embellishments along with the "perfect saree" for all ocassions is something, which makes me revisit the brand always.

The other interesting factor would be the customisation and the affordability as per your need and convinience. Lastly not to mention, with an experience of so many years, they have made themselves an epitome of trust. I am someone who never wants to be overdressed and wants to be maintain the apt makeup, outfit and hair and Tanchoi has taken the entire responsibility to help me to get over all forms of doubts and confusions regarding my outfit.

Due to Covid -19 there is a havoc not only on the markets but also on a number of workers associated with Banarasi saree industry. As well as, when we all are trying to fit in the new normal, that's when my favorite brand comes online to serve the needs of all the customers and reach to more and more people. Now they are shipping worldwide and making believe our customers residing abroad as well as in INDIA feel like home by bringing the heritage sarees at their doorstep.

Banarasi sarees are getting increasingly popular and becoming every woman’s first choice. With the upcoming festivals like Durga Pooja, Navratri, Diwali every Indian woman are eager to buy these saree and to wear their costume during the festival season to embrace themselves with the luxurious elegant and fabulous attire . So, order your silk’s masterpiece now and elevate the stature of your armoire collection to another level.



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