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Amalgamation of Art and fashion- Art Beats By Keerthana

This is one of my personal favorite articles as I enjoyed the visualization behind the brand. New Year is around the corner and honestly, during this last quarter of the year, gifting is a very big part of our culture.Here's an experience that will last a lifetime that revolutionizes both fashion and art,ArtBeats by Keerthana.

I know we all aim to give something unique, sustainable and meaningful to our loved ones to appreciate their presence in our lives.Imagine if I told you that you could now give them something they'd love. It's the beginning of a new year and we're making so many promises and resolutions. Join me in giving something sustainable and meaningful this new year.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Keerthana Shah Karia, the inspirational founder and curator behind this brand. Through her work, she sheds light on human nature, philosophy, and the unpredictable nature of life.

There's a vast storytelling and thought provoking element beneath all the textures, patterns, tones and hues of her work. Her intuitive and spontaneous art is like a web of spinning stories that magically add a different charm to your home.

I loved how every piece is so unique. From vibrant to minimalist, there's something for everyone. Her work shows the immense hard work, dedication and artistic wisdom that she refined over the last 6 years of her practice.

She is a self taught artist with an intention of encouraging people to have an immersive experience with art and think with an awakened consciousness.

Artbeats is an omnipresent brand that offers experiences for a lifetime. The brand has a very broad clientele across cities in India like Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad as well as Abroad like San Francisco and Dubai. Keerthana is a fast learner and always keen to grow and experiment with different techniques. She is an MBA graduate but her fondness towards art and design grew stronger when she pursued her foundation course in arts, textiles and home designs in Ahmedabad.

"I believe art is omnipresent and it is the outcome of relentless stimulation of the subconscious mind and the spirit to bring thoughts and imagination to life onto a playground called canvas." quotes the founder.

Even though Keerthana is a self taught artist, she has won several accolades, awards during her school days. Take a look at some of the paintings and the wearable art below:

If you take a look closely, you'll find how intuitively Keerthana has worked to bring such an amazing perspective to the pictures. Her work can be found over her social media, websites as well as, some of the eminent exhibitions in India.

Now finally, I will be sharing my top three reasons why you make this brand a part of your shopping spree. Firstly, I loved the founder and her wonderful artistic vision. I always love women entrepreneurs who have such an innate vision and who are so passionate about their brand. She is indeed one of my favorite interviewees, who depicted her vision and mission with her brand perfectly.

Secondly, I love how this brand is helping weavers and artisans. Their prices are pretty convenient and they ship pan india and abroad as well. They ensure wonderful customer support too. Lastly, my favorite part would be how they are revolutionizing the gifting industry by bringing art in such a distinctive manner. Imagine, wearing art and making such a creative statement or making your home happy filled with creativity or emotions!

So this festive season, let's give our loved ones an experience that will be tattooed for a lifetime with ArtBeats By Keerthana. Take a look at their website and Instagram now!



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