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Amama: The jewelry that has a story to tell (Diwali Exclusive Coverage)

The countdown has begun: Diwali, one of the best and most popular celebrations is approaching, While the festivities may appear to be different this year, why not plan early and look your best? You wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to dress up in festive attire, whether you're hosting an intimate Diwali dinner, going to a friend's house for a cards party, or having to attend a puja. Diwali is quickly approaching, and shopping for it has never been easy. It's a chance for all of us to take out of our traditional outfits from the wardrobe, and you won't want to miss out on seeing Amama's newest collection.

Amama is a jewelry brand founded by Nikita Gupta in 2017 that offers a diverse selection of products ranging from handcrafted brass jewelry to pure silver jewelry. Her Grandmother, whom she affectionately refers to as "Amma," is strongly influenced by her brand name and collections.

This Diwali, they are presenting their newest collection, "BIANCA by AMAMA." Bianca is an Italian cognate of Blanche, which means "white" or "pure." This collection, which is inspired by the elegance of pearls, features a variety of neutral statement gems that are ideal for the festive season. The entire collection is reasonably priced, ranging from Rs 2000 to Rs 4000, and the items are made of pearls and other Embellishments like Beads, Sequence, Crystals used along with Metal (brass). The designs are exquisite, well-crafted, and give you a sophisticated appearance.

Bianca is a combination of Amama's signature beaded embroidery work and metalwork, all of which are meticulously crafted, making it the perfect extension of the Rangrez Collection. This turned out to be one of their most valuable collections, as it focuses on Indian traditions and the beauty that lurks behind them. Through its magical beauty, the collection reflects the energy of Indian celebrations.

During the festive season, Amama is an all-inclusive brand for all your jewelry needs. Amama has it all, from statement jewelry to simple, exquisite designs. You can find anything that suits your taste and style at Amama.

I am linking the website and the social media handle so that you can check out their collection and can also keep yourself refreshed with the most recent contributions.



Apr 19

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