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Breaking Stereotypes with Flawless

Today I will be sharing a story every woman can relate to. How many times do we scroll through dresses online and feel afraidabout the decision of purchasing it because deepdown we feel afraid about carrying the outfit well. I open Instagram and magazines and doubt myself after seeing the airbrushed and photoshopped images of models and influencers. How many of you resonate with it?

Today's article is about a brand that will speak about a tale that eradicates your flaws forever. An apparel brand that believes in owning it. Owning your size, shape,colour and yourself. Always remember, it all starts with self acceptance.

Founded by Manoj Jain, Flawless is a tale of fierce, fearless and free modern women.

Take a look at some of my favourite picks from their website below-

Now let me share why I am so much in love with this brand. As you all already know, I am all for mission based brands by millennial entrepreneurs. Secondly, I love the premiumness of the clothes and how quirky it looks. The designs are done very meticulously keeping a trendy touch to it.

Lastly, customer service is one of the most important priorities of any brand however most brands aren’t able to adhere to it. My interaction with the team made me understand how deeply they value customer needs and there is absolutely no margin for error.

The brand has an amazingtake on sustainable fashion. The Polo T shirts are made out of recycled fabrics so when you invest in the brand like Flawless, not only you get your style statement but also become a part of the sustainable environment friendly initiative.

So are you ready now to take on the Globe with this new statementof confidence with Flawless?

Be Flawless!! You are more than your size!

Take a look at their Instagram handle and website to know more about the productsand how magically people of different shapes and sizes are rocking it!

Stay tuned for more articles that are on a mission for a better tomorrow. Can't wait to share more about the magic of the brand in the next articles. Till then, hop onto their website and order your favorite pieces today!!



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