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Breaking Stereotypes with Vaago 🇮🇳 India

I had a wonderful interview with the founder of Vaago India that showed me how entrepreneurship is becoming so deep-rooted in India every passing day. Two womenpreneurs coming from average families just like you, had a dream of making fashion accessible to everyone.

The brand Vaago India started with a dream of making luxury affordable. While we were having this amazing conversation, the founder shared how sometimes young adults can't afford luxury designer wear even when they want to. Vaago is the answer to affordable, contemporary luxury wear for men and women.

‘Vaago’ means clothes in Marwari, which is the colloquial language of Rajasthan.

The sister duo of Krishna Rathore and Aakanksha Rathore belong from the interiors of Rajasthan, Marwari Land of Barmer, where they were subjected to so many stereotypes that questioned their potentials and desires but this duo made it happen.

Not only do they ship in Rajasthan but they have taken the magical weaves Pan India.

"Vaago is planting itself on rich soil of Aesthetics combined with finest Craftsmanship. Vaago desires to bring to you the finest blend of Ease and Grace” says Aakanksha.

Now let me share why I love the brand so much. I love the purpose behind the brand and the mission that these women have. Secondly, I really love the affordability factor that comes in. Lastly, I love the designs. Every design is unique and a work of art. Vaago has the perfect fit for every occasion.

So what are you waiting for? Order yours today!

Check out their website and social media handle to place your orders. Keep an eye for the next article where we will share the best sellers and the upcoming year offers.



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