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Bringing Fantasy into Reality- Jubinav Chadha

We all remember how we used to get inspired by the characters of mythology and how we used to imagine ourselves as a part of the fantasy World.

This article is about a brand which will help you to revisit that fantasy land for real.

Presenting Jubinav Chadha, a brand which draws inspiration from mythological stories, fairy tales, folklores, myths and beliefs and weaves the story through each seam to create an ensemble for the luxurious Men and women. His creative silhouettes and exploratory surfaces gives the brand an edge over any other. One of the best things about the designs is all are unique and you won't find any repeatitive designs.

You might have spotted a lot of A listers like Ayushman Khurana, Shreyas Talpade, Rashmi Desai, Harshdeep Kaur and many more in their label.

The brand promises luxury wear with trust and comfort making it an irresistable deal. Jubinav Chadha, the founder and the head designer is a graduate in Fashion Design from the prestigious Pearl Academy. His designs depict how fantasy meets reality.

The neverending effort of bringing the new and the best for the clientele is something that will make you fall in love with the brand.

Their commitment of providing the unique piece which would resonate with the client's preference and persona.

Not only the amazing designs and his piece of work but also the way the brand feels and works on uplifting women and men working under the label, highlighting Indian craftsmanship and making it Global is something which makes the brand more applaudable.

The designs also make sure to gift a new tint to an individual's persona and help the individual to get over the stereotypical standards of beauty.

Jubinav Chadha has been the finalist of World of Wearable Art, New Zealand finalist for the year of 2017 and 2018. His collection has been on display in Wow museum, New Zealand for two years consecutively. He has successfully made Indian craft, weaves and his unique designs reach the Globe.

Check out their website to go through the amazing collection and pick your favorites.

Now, let me recommend you the collections which I personally loved the most.

'Matsya' is a collection based on the first avatar of Lord Vishnu. The collection is enticing and shows how he has taken his inspiration from Indian mythology and put it up this way.

My second favourite would be the 'Enchanted Couture'. This is a very interesting collection for me as it's based on our favorite childhood stories like the Cinderella and the little Red Riding Hood.

They have also been featured over Worldwide like USA Today, F TV New Zealand, the designs of the label are truly promising and out of the box. Their keen attention to detail inside out and their uniqueness keeps them class apart.

Handcrafts have also been an important part of the label, like the truly unique "seep" embroidery from Goa, (sea shell embroidery), sheesha work (mirror work), zardozi, gota Patti, phulkari. Their constant hustle in delivering the best style with impeccable quality has been the biggest factor for their growth.

Now, let me finally share you a secret before ending the article. The upcoming collection by Jubinav Chadha Brand is 'Raas Leela'. This couture collection will be inspired by the tales of Lord Krishna and love between him and goddess Radha. This is their first upcoming bridal collection and what can be better a bridal wear than such an auspicious collection?

So, what are you waiting for? Check them out right away and order your favourites


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