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Cracking the cashback code with Swati Bhargava of Cash Karo:

Cashkaro is one of India’s largest cashback and coupon website. The founders of Cashkaro are Swati Bhargava and her husband Rohan Bhargava. They founded it in the year 2013. They started it in the UK and now it has become immensely successful in the Indian market.

Swati Bhargava is from Ambala, India. Swati graduated from the London School of Economics (LSE) and she has an incredible talent in mathematics and won scholarships from the government of Singapore to study her class 11 and 12. She rejected the scholarship she got from Oxford and joined LSE instead. Swati continued to study mathematics as she was interested in this subject, without actually caring about what she wants to do in future. She headed the 3000-member business society at LSE while living in London and managing her hectic schedule. After she started her cashback business PoringPound with her husband in the UK, they both got a profit double of what they had expected to start a similar activity in India.

Swati met her husband Rohan at LSE. They went to Washington later and got a job there and started working at Goldman Sachs for 5 years as an Investment Banker. After 3 years they got married in 2009 and in the year 2011, they started PouringPound. She says that being an entrepreneur is not easy but if you have the right partner to help you out then your journey towards success becomes enjoyable.

A lot of countries were having success in the cashback industry hence they started their company PouringPound. They thought about opening this in India as well but e-commerce was not helping them launch it. After they raised 750,000 USD from UK investors though they had initially hoped for funding of 250,000 USD, they launched Cash Karo in India. They launched it in April 2013. This is the largest cashback and coupon site in India with Pennyfull and as their competition. They work with more than 500 brands along with Amazon, Snapdeal, Jabong, etc. Their business is growing very fast.

Initially, Swati had to face similar challenges in UK and India while starting her company. She adds that in India growing a business mentality is more flexible and approaching top people is easier.

Talking about the pandemic, work from home has made her make some changes. She thinks that work colleagues need to know each other apart from just work. Every morning she holds a meeting where she asks questions to an individual and the person gets to share their experiences or memories with everyone. They celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, etc. She says in this way she is thinking of more new ways to improve the work culture.

Their new venture is Earn Karo which is a social cashback app. Earn Karo allow to share deals from Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart and other such sites with people on Whatsapp or other platforms and if anybody buys from this link then they get money if the other people downloads using the link then they would get money.

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