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Dive into the richness of exotic bakes with Sejal Parnami

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

We all know that how this pandemic is taking the entire World at a toss. We know how everyone is working hard to cope up with the new normal. This article is about someone who made her odds work out for her.

Founded in May 2020 by Sejal Parnami, the brand (Sejal Parnami) has been the talk of the Town and they also work Pan India. Sejal came back to her hometown once the Coronavirus outbreak started, she had no clue back then about when she would be able to go back to her workplace again.

She started pursuing her passion (i.e making pastries) from her house itself in the lockdown. She has worked in a Michelin Star Restaurant, Chateau d’Adomenil, in France for few months and wanted to bring her experiences and learning in India through her brand.

Then the social media casted it’s magic of networking. Soon everyone started knowing her, ordering and falling in love with the uniqueness and the exotic flavours. Sejal Parnami runs a French Pastry shop (virtually) from Jaipur. But, now everyone from different parts of India can order from her menu and get her treats delivered.

One can also experience the culinary adventure of flavours like never before. There are Entremets, cheesecakes, Eclairs, Profiteroles, Artisanal Icecreams, Sorbets, Handcrafted chocolates, brownies, tea cakes, granola, Tarts and pies.

Entremets are french desserts with different layers, each giving textures of spongy, creamy, bubbly, crunchy and wobbly effect. Each texture is different from each other but the amalgamation of the flavours are delicious and droolworthy. Sejal through her French celebration cakes and Entremets specially wanted to highlight the void in the pastry scene of India. She aimed to renovate that to something more delightful and acceptable by the Indian audiences. Her combinations are droolworthy and unique which ensures customer satisfaction and the perfect one for every taste bud.

Yes, I am sure that that you’re already salivating after going through the drooling pictures. The richness and the varieties of flavours are bound to make you fall in love with each of them. Something which attracted me the most was that they are customisable and there is a variant available for all. They are launching their website on Monday and the dry goods can be enjoyed Pan India.

Apart from these, you can see the creative spark of Sejal for which she keeps on bringing in flavour variations which you might have never heard before. For the people out there who have an inclination towards baking or want to learn baking, Sejal Parnami is also up with one to one classes as well as monthly workshops for all. This is how she aims to reach more and more people and gift them what they really want to do.

She firmly believes our decisions define us so that one decision can be your turning point for everything.

As the festive season is nearby, you can get curated hampers made for any ocassions as well. Our personal recommendation from her menu would be the range of travel cakes and Entremets.

Go and check out her website to know more about her menu and order now to fall in love with the taste of the exotic flavours and preparations.

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