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Dressed to Date: Fashion and Modern Love:

As Valentine’s week is going on, everyone has the same question in their minds: What should I wear for a date? Well, this is all you need to know before you start getting all sassy to go out on a date or a virtual one.

Some people like wearing formals like formal pants, a well-ironed shirt, a blazer, and a vintage cap or not. Some people like being all casual with either a shirt or t-shirt over a pair of jeans or pants. For girls some like a nice chic dress or experimenting with layers of clothing. That can be a shirt over a tank top or a dress with a jacket on. It is how you want to dress up and what makes you most comfortable and confident.

People think there are only a few options available when it comes to dressing up for a date but grow up people! Times are changing and so are people’s choices. You can put all the effort you want while choosing the right outfit but it is important to be yourself as well. A study shows that there is an 18 percent increase in the number of Indian men making conscious efforts to dress better on dates. They also say that dressing up makes men feel more confident too.

Well, there is a fine line between putting an ‘Effort’ and going ‘Extra’ for a date. Let it be a virtual date, a casual date, a first date, or a date with a person you met through a dating app, let us all be honest that we do think about various things before going to that date. Let that be thinking about what outfit to wear, or where to meet, a dinner date or go clubbing, to search about the other person’s likes and dislikes and many more.

Talking about online dating apps, a study says that around 84 percent of users swipe right solely based on uploaded images. What clothes you are wearing in those images matters a lot. Some people see the bio, some see the background and find artistic places or aesthetic places more appealing. It depends on people’s choices as it is just what they see on their phone screens before swiping right or left.

Talking about the dating culture nowadays, some people still believe in the old school romance while some believe in keeping it casual. They say they don’t want any added pressure and believe in going with the flow, while some can’t even think about casual dates.

It is not a surprise that dating apps are taking a hit as Valentine’s day is approaching further.



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