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Everything you need to know about wearing ’90s fashion in 2021

Do not squint your eyes. It is possible that 1990s fashion isn't as bad as you and the rest of the world believed. Yes, the colours may not be that good, the cuts were not disproportionate, but this does not stop us from going back to the 90's fashion, and the trends that comprise rare pieces of clothing, an era that has fascinated a whole new generation.

When the current situation is unstable and gloomy we would like to go back to the old days, with a little nostalgia. Though the pieces of clothing might not be that fashionable they shall always remain one of the most unique and offbeat outfits in a woman's wardrobe.

Not to ignore the fact that they also were a considerably comfortable outfit, something which is needed at the start of this year.

Gaelle Drevet, the founder of insider favourite The Frankie Shop, has also stated that " There is a need to be slighter fussy in general, during tough calls all we need is simpler, comfortable outfits.". The Frankie shop is famous for its minimal, simple fashion with more muted colour palettes. They are more inclined towards the casual outfit With tailored jackets worn with shorts, casual tees, and stirrup leggings, and sweatshirts and hoodies blended more smoothly into our collections, we're living a casual-meets-corporate lifestyle. Putting together a less traditional combination of genres feels like breaking the rules, which is very '90s.”

Baggy is back, gone are the days when we used to wear slim-skinny cutting jeans. This year the star is those old Baggy jeans. Its ultra-wide legs provide maximum comfort without sacrificing flair almost. Many celebrities, like Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, have made it their favourite piece of clothing at the start of this year, and some fashionistas have even nicknamed it "wide-leg jeans" in its most current version, which has a higher and less generous waist, to give it a more chic appeal.

Meanwhile,'s global fashion officer, Natalie Kingham, has noticed patterns emerging from the punk underground. “Stomping boots and oversized outerwear are worn with patterned polo necks and leggings or a nylon skirt appeal.

Defining an Era

Three women channel the sentiments of the 1990s

  • Pragya Kapoor- Kapoor's '90s-inspired minimalist style is inadvertent because comfort usually comes first when it comes to her dress choices. This former actor and model turned into environmentalist and producer was seen in a pair of Nudie or Agolde jeans, a denim jacket, and a pristine T-shirt from The Classic T-Shirt Company or Citizen Wolf are her go-to looks, which she dresses up with '90s accessories like headbands, chokers, kitten heels, and huge hoop earrings.

  • Arpita Mehta- Mehta’s Her favourite pieces from the 1990s were feminine dresses, leggings, oversized T-shirts, and a classic leather biker jacket, which she now wears in a Belstaff replica. Her style at the time was accentuated by large, gold jewellery.

  • Alia Al-Rufau- Al-Rufai grew up looking for inspiration in supermodels and the characters of films like Clueless (1995) and Romy And Michele's High School Reunion (1997). Today the actor has been adorning looks in vintage Galliano slip dresses, preppy skirts, crop tops and classic Reebok sneakers.

From the mullet haircut with dark roots showing (on blonde strands) to the ultra-thin eyebrows that we thought were gone for good, there appears to be a return to some of the extravagance of the 1990s.



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