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Gajraj Jewellers: The one-stop destination for all jewellery concerns

When you talk about jewellery the one thing that comes into our minds is how happy it makes us feel and the occasion we bought it or the design and the detailing and how it reflects our personality. Vijay Jain has been in this industry for the past 24 glorious years and understands the essence of jewellery.

Owing to the interest and knowledge he has about jewellery, Vijay Jain launched Gajraj Jewellers as the one-stop destination for all jewellery concerns. He is aware of how this industry operates, the needs of market and customer requirements and his expertise in this area have made him come up with his own venture. He has excellent relations with customers. His experience in this industry and his strong bond with customers encouraged him to open his own retail store.

For each one of us, a piece of jewellery is much more than just an accessory. When we talk about exclusive jewellery made of silver, gold, diamond or any other premier metal, it comes with an important occasion and a tone load of emotions behind it. Jewellery can be passed on for generations as a mark of their heritage and tradition. One can cherish the memories behind its purchase or even gift someone. They believe that Jewellery something very exclusive and special to people. It is something one treasures forever. They believe in the saying “Jewellery to treasure” as every piece of jewellery is exclusive and precious to everyone.

Gajraj Jewellers have different categories of classy jewellery. You can purchase jewellery for a wedding or a birthday party or as a gift, let that be any occasion Gajraj jewellers covers it all. You can be the bride or just a guest at a wedding, you will find the ultimate jewellery design here. If you are looking for jewellery sets that you can cherish forever, Gajraj Jewellers is your right destination. You want a traditional design or a modern approach to your jewellery, they have it all.

They have their in-house craftsman and designers who give attention to the detailing of each jewellery piece as it is special to the buyer. Customization is available as well where they can sit with their in-house designer and decide what kind of jewellery they want. Every design they make has a unique quotient.

They do not compromise on the needs of their customers. They provide supreme quality products and present your exclusive designs. Their designs are mostly inspired by the royal families of Rajasthan and showcase the heritage they have.

They are soon coming up with their first luxury store in Bangalore. The price range of jewellery starts from about Rs.25,000 and goes up depending on the type of jewellery one purchases.


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