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Gift your loved ones a lifetime experience with A Tiny Mistake

It's the New Year with blessings and new beginnings, so we thought of dedicating an article on functional gifting that adds a meaning and statement.

Presenting A Tiny Mistake, an Indian home decor brand that's creative, sustainable and functional. Founded by Akanksha Tandon, a lawyer who is now a successful entrepreneur came up with an oath to promote and help Indian craftsmanship in domestic and International markets. For our International readers, you can now order from A Tiny Mistake and spread love all over the Globe.

They also work very closely with Indian youth to bring more employment opportunities and also promote Indian art forms. Just wanted to share a bit about the amazing tables and planters that I picked up from their website. An elegant piece that not only adds to the decor but also, can be used in different ways. If you take a look at their socials below, you'll see how every piece can be used in so many different ways.

Coming to the tables, honestly I felt that it will be amazing to have morning breakfast or work with a view (#workfromhomescenes) seamlessly with their tables.

See the pictures below to see some of my favourites.

Every piece tells a story of the diversity of Indian artisans across the country.

Now let me start sharing why I'm recommending this brand so much. Firstly, I love

women-led passion driven brands. My interaction with Akanksha was very enlightening.

I loved how she wanted to work for a cause and I feel that's the magic of millennial brands these days. Secondly, the products are super beautiful as well as have utility. I loved when the founder focused on making utility a primary factor along with the design. Many brands miss out on utility while curating a pretty product.

Lastly, their sustainable take on their product makes me love the brand even more. They believe in making products that last long and are environment friendly. They also work closely towards minimising the usage of plastic.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out their website and Instagram and pick your holiday gifts. Remember these gifts will add a lifetime experience and by being a part of A Tiny Mistake Family, you are also contributing and being a part of such a wonderful cause.



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