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Indulgeo Essentials: Providing Organic care for your skin, hair & body

Indulgeo Essentials was founded by Supriya Malik & her mother, Seema Arora in 2016. Their primary goal was to provide effective solutions for concerns like alopecia, acne, hairfall, pigmentation etc with the purest and natural ingredients. I can assure that this brand is soon going to be your go-to, if you're looking for organic, paraben-free skincare products that are easy to use & affordable.

Indulgeo Essentials believes that nature has a cure for everything but it’s up to us as to how we take it and accept it. Nature takes its own time to heal. All it requires is commitment & determination to achieve results. It’s our own conscious decision to either put chemicals & toxins on our skin or let nature do its magic.

I really enjoyed interviewing Ms. Supriya as I saw a lot of depth & potential when she stated how the brand started. She shared how her mother made every organic formulation to help her & her daughter's issues and how their own results became the biggest catalyst behind starting the brand.

The word ‘Indulgeo’ stands for pampering and the idea behind this brand is the better ways of looking after yourself with a range of items that are intended towards the everyday struggles that our skin has to go through and to make its wellness simple and versatile.

One of their greatest achievement is their Rose Gold Oil. You could have caught wind of it from well-known make-up specialists and you can discover a portion of the astounding tributes from them subsequent to utilizing the item. This rose gold oil contains unadulterated 24K gold flakes. Sounds intriguing?

Let’s take a look at what all this product has to offer-

The Rose Gold Daily Oil is a model of natural extravagance. Curated with mother's adoration, this 100 percent unadulterated, regular, and liberated from any artificial materials, fillers or scent blend is a definitive everyday essential and an answer for faultless skin prep before applying any makeup. I completely love how they have merged luxury with utility.

Another critical pointer which I might want to specify is the affordability of the items yet their top-notch quality. The cost of this wonderous product varies from Rs.1600 upto Rs. 2700, which is kept very reasonable on the off chance that you think about the quality involved.

Another definitive herbal leap forward to stop hair fall is their- Luxuriant Hair Vitalizer. It is a mystical blend of medicinal oils like Rosemary, Lavender, Tulsi, Ginger Root and other different dry oils mixed in purged water and Witch Hazel. Clinically-demonstrated and exceptionally viable, this product fundamentally helps in development of the volume, growth and in general wellbeing of the hair.

Every homegrown brand has a story behind it and in the words of Supriya Malik herself, “After suffering from alopecia for a long time, our extremely famous hair concoction – Luxuriant Hair Vitalizer was designed by my mother Seema Arora herself for her own treatment which gave her results like no other allopathic medication could give. She has done several studies, online and offline courses for essential oils and Ayurvedic formulation. She has been creating different concoctions since past eighteen years now and her guidance and knowledge of formulation have helped me run Indulgeo Essentials & drive it to new heights.”

An embodiment of extravagance natural skin health management, ‘Indulgeo Essentials’ implies a resolute commitment to utilizing the greatest quality of ingredients gathered from all over India and meticulously exploring different avenues regarding items until the ideal mix is made. The team at Indulgeo Essentials make skincare one stride further by joining the most natural ingredients with procedures utilized and trusted for a long time now. They also believe that words like ‘normal’ and ‘natural’ have a genuine significance beyond aggressive marketing. All that we put on our skin rapidly retains into our bodies, thus they source the best raw natural ingredients that the earth brings to the table in the most ethical way. The ingredients are chosen in view of their usefulness, viability and wellbeing, and are utilized in suitable rates.

They also have highly effective treatments to some of the hair’s gravest problems like hair fall and Alopecia using their oasis of organics. These custom-made blends optimize your skin’s ability to strengthen and repair itself and work in total synergy with the body.

Indulgeo Essentials have satisfied clients not only from India but from overseas as well. They have their client base in countries like- US, UK, Singapore and the Middle East. They have been thoroughly recognised and loved by highly acclaimed makeup artists, celebrities and magazines both nationally and internationally.

I have linked their website and the instagram handle so that you can go through their catalogue so that you can also keep yourself updated with their most recent offerings and deals.



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