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Kanika Ranka: The artist behind The Studio Project

Established by Kanika Ranka Adani in 2016, The Studio Project breathes new life into luxury bags, shoes, skateboards, walls among other things. Kanika's process begins with listening to what her clients have in mind and digitally creating those designs before the brush touches any surface. Its all about creating exactly what her clients want.

Kanika was captivated with the universe of craftsmanship since she was only 2 years old. The Ranka family kitchen was her imaginative corner and, surprisingly, as a little child she drenched herself in the world of art with paints and craftwork.

Kanika finished her graduation in Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Chicago. During her time in school, she was very entranced with the idea of combination of compelling artwork and fashion and needed to make pieces on 'Wearable Art'.

The pattern of personalisation was becoming famous back then, be it bags, shoes, wallets etc and that excited her more than ever. She needed to take the idea of monogramming a step further consequently empowering clients to customize their items with something other than standard stripes and initials.

The Studio project is more than a brand for Kanika. It's where workmanship isn't limited by show or restricted by technique. It's where workmanship, similar to water, spouts from a cascade Untamed and Whole.

From painting on Birkins and Kellys to Louis Vuitton bags, Kanika has a propensity for tweaking ordinary items with her sheer creative mind.

Speaking about where she draws her innovative motivation from, Kanika says 'I love visiting galleries and museums to get inspired so I can always keep getting better and learning from only the best. It’s all about cultivating my skills as an artist be it on a bag or a pair of shoes.’

Kanika is an artist who unequivocally accepts that craftsmanship and creative flavor should not have any guidelines. The interdisciplinary nature and nonexistence of limits pulled in her to the universe of art in the first place. Continuously rehashing her thoughts and point of view, Kanika accepts that the craftsmanship world is continually developing.

Shedding light on her style, Kanika says 'I think my unique style; what makes me stand out is my attention to detail and precision. There will never be a time any order will be dispatched unless I am fully happy with it. The smallest 000 number brush is my dearest companion, and I will work and revamp a piece however many times as expected until it arrives at a space of outright exactness'

Kanika has additionally worked with international fashion and lifestyle brands like Ferragamo, Dior, Samantha Akkineni, Sonam Kapoor, Ayushman Khurrana, Nita Ambani, Isha Ambani to name a few.

Expanding the plan cycle past wearable workmanship, The Studio project has as of late begun a painting division too that deals with projects including customisation of walls for private occasions, homes, and painting fine art on store and café windows.

I have connected the website and the social media handle so you can checkout their assortment and can likewise keep yourself revived with the latest contributions.



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