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Khinkhwab: The unconventional blend of Tradition and Time

Khinkhwab is an exquisite blend of tradition and culture of Varanasi woven into pure Banarasi silk sarees and lehengas. This online shopping brand has the most authentic, handpicked and mesmerizing collection of Banarasi sarees, lehengas, dupattas and Banarasi fabric online.

Founded by Ruchi Agarwal, she used to work in the finance sector. While her stay in Singapore post marriage, she realized that the people in Singapore have an ardent love for sarees but they do not get authentic Banarasi sarees.

With Khinkhwab, she wanted to bring that in Singapore thereby filling up the void in the market. People liked banarasi sarees but did not get to wear the authentic ones due to non-availability. This is what made Ruchi think about her start-up. She wanted people to wear traditional banarasi sarees and experience the true essence of it.

Banaras brocade is also known as 'khinkhab' or 'kamkhwab' which means kin (golden) and khwab (dream). Woven in golden threads, Khinkhwab is a golden dream which truly justifies the meaning behind it being the name of the brand.

Khinkhwab is all set to put forward this precious and regal form of art in front of the world. Promoting the handloom weavers and gorgeous handmade Banarasi silk sarees, Khinkhwab is a global platform that bridges the gap between handloom silk lovers and Banarasi silk art.

Known for its temples, mysterious holy men and bustling ghats along the River Ganges, Varanasi is also known to produce the world's finest silk sarees.

The handwoven banarasi saree with its intricate motifs and generous use of gold or silver sari is widely sought after especially by brides seeking to make a statement during the vibrant wedding season.

The art of weaving has a history in Varanasi which is deeply rooted since ancient times.

Making a fine, silk Banarasi saree is a masterclass in skill, artistry and patience. Weaves take anywhere between a few weeks and six months to finish just one single piece. After all, good things do take time.

While every piece of fabric has a yarn that runs across the length and one that runs across the width, the brocade of the Banarasi saree is made using an extra weft technique- meaning that additional threads are woven into the fabric to create the decorative motifs.

The mother-daughter duo from Varanasi always treasured their Banarasi silk handlooms from their previous generation. Their passion and admiration for the handloom work of Banarasi silk encouraged them to bring Banarasi weavers and their masterpieces together to create this wonderful platform for Banarasi silk lovers.

There is a rigorous quality check before any saree is shipped. Quality checks are done twice to ensure that the perfect thing is being delivered from their end.

What makes Khinkhwab stand out from the rest is its vision to inspire thousands of skilled weavers of Varanasi to showcase their artwork in a modern way. By promoting and incorporating unconventional modern designs and colors into their work, their primary vision is to bridge the gap between authentic workpieces of these weavers of Varanasi and Banarasi silk lovers.

Anyone can go through their catalog and choose from a plethora of options available. Once choosing is done, one can place the order through their website which is super user-friendly.

If it's a readymade saree then it takes around 5–7 days to get it delivered. However, if a person likes to add customization to it, then the products take around 3–4 months, depending on the detailing and demands of the customer.

Another important highlight is the fact that they are open to customization. It definitely takes more time to make customized sarees but getting your saree designed exactly as per your imagination is something, which makes it worth the wait.

They also have their own looms which is an added advantage. They have an on-time delivery system which makes ordering very easy and super-efficient. They are very well known for their customer service and the process is super smooth and convenient.

They have a huge range of options when it comes to sarees. Real zari sarees costs around Rs.3–4 lakhs. Starting price for dupattas is about Rs.10k.

"If you really dream about something and you are confident about it then there is nothing to stop you from chasing them" quotes Ruchi. She also adds, "If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't really big enough".

To place an order or know more about their brand check out their website .



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