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Luxury handcrafted ready to wear shoes by Ivrah

It's challenging to shop for quality footwear and accessories when you're trying to transition

towards a #sustainable lifestyle.

Shoes for your soul is the correct phrase that depicts an experience of shopping for your shoes from Ivrah. We all know that shoes add in your personality. I know all my readers have heard that the shoes speak a lot about a person but now with Ivrah, you can wear your personality like an attitude.

Quality Artisans and Quality checks come together to ensure that every handcrafted piece of Ivrah becomes a personality and legacy when you adorn it. Ivrah is a brand that really walks the talk - they're passionate about their pro-animal welfare and pro-innovation stance, and we absolutely adore that they are striving to make sure that quality luxury fashion is accessible and affordable.

After all, what good is a movement that's accessible onlyto the elite?

Their take on bringing premium genuine leather to customers using sustainable, by-products of the meat industry is a great way to maintain sustainability and deliver quality indeed.

Genuine leather shoes can outlast other shoes made from synthetic accouterments. High

quality leather stays strong against demanding work surroundings meaning the shoes will

last much longer. The breathability (assuring no smelly shoes) , durability (lasts longer), water resistance, extra protection, better fit, comfort, easy to clean and eco-friendly aspect of using genuine leather is what makes Ivrah shine out its competition.

Shoes made from synthetic fibers and fabrics have been considered as damaging to the environment during the manufacturing process as they release harmful gasses. As leather is a natural material, no harmful chemicals were used to create it - making it eco-friendly!

I love their eco-friendly take indeed, where every shoe is handcrafted and there is no use of

synthetic leather rather than usage of by-products of the meat industry and ensuring minimal or no environmental harm as well.

'We’re trying to do our bit by bringing you the finest quality handmade shoes and

accessories, which are both fashionable and durable while staying absolutely

eco-friendly with the use of sustainable products'

Ivrah is the brainchild of second generation business owners, Mr.Vidit and Harshiv Kundra.

Mr. Deepak Kundra, father of the millennial entrepreneur duo had a business with shoe

crafts, soles and has an amazing insight about shoes, quality and market. His sons came up

with an insight after discussion with him of manufacturing their own product as well as

planned on becoming a customer facing brand as well.

A family that's so well versed when it comes to shoes and its quality, Ivrah is a luxury statement with premium elements studded on it. Their exhaustive range of products includes Derby, Oxford, Monk, Wingtip, Light Weight, Boots and Hand Painted Shoes.

Take a look at some of my handpicked favourites belowSo now order your luxury handcrafted pair that not only is of quality or adds to your personality but also,sustainable and comfortable. The synonym of genuine leather is Ivrah!

Take a look at their website and social media handle to place your order now!!



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