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Luxury loungewear and nightwear by Negra Elegante

This Delhi-based company is founded by the talented Osheeba Kakaw. She launched it in the year 2017 with a goal to make comfortable clothing a fashion statement. She is a mother of two and religiously manages her work and home efficiently.

A literature student Osheeba didn’t know what to do in the future. Fashion was something she found interesting and experimented with it when it comes to her personal clothing style. She had never imagined she would end up here and open a successful company of her own. Though she is a Kashmiri, she didn’t want to stick to Kashmiri art only. She always had this niche to explore more designs and showcase them in her own way. No wonder she has a global reach because of this.

In her initial days, she had to experiment a lot and develop an understanding of this genre. Her curiosity made her learn. She has worked with designers of different genres and got to learn from their work.

Her brand is all about comfort. They use the best quality fabric and ship it from all across the world as they do not compromise on quality. Initially, her brand launched a nightwear collection. She wanted to start with something simple and back in 2017, there weren’t a lot of brands selling premium nightwear clothes.

Pajamas are simple, comfortable and something which everybody needs. The options in prints or customization were not available easily in the market at that time. Negra Elegante was a huge hit with their collection and people loved the simplicity and comfort associated with the products. When Hina Khan was dressed in Negra Elegante, it gave a huge break to the brand and ever since many Bollywood actors have worn and loved her collection.

Much after they launched loungewear collection for one and all. Her brand is known for the simplicity yet premium comfort they provide and Osheeba wants to maintain that always.

She is currently working on her new collection Cotton Candy. It is a special collection for her as it is inspired by her children’s favourite cotton candy and the vibrancy colours grabbed her attention. It will be a summer collection. Though the different colours might look intimate but the tones are really light and perfect for summer wear. This collection will stand out as a turning point for her brand from modern clothing to modest clothing. Osheeba wants Negra Elegante to become India’s first and finest modest clothing brand.

Osheeba has her own set of struggles. Let it be the time she established the brand or let it be the time when she had gone on maternity leave and lost touch. No matter what, she has always been hard-working and made her way through all the struggles. She believes that her being a Muslim doesn’t restrict her when it comes to fashion.

Fashion is something which is for everyone and when it comes to Women’s fashion wear, there are absolutely no boundaries to it. Different kinds of women find different fashion trends and styles and it varies worldwide. She wants to reach as many people as possible through her designs.

She doesn’t believe in planning it and then approaching a problem. She always makes her decision and believes in doing it instead of thinking about its outcome. She says she tries hard and rest will fall in place and things will go right.

I am also linking their social media handle so that you can stay updated on the latest offerings.


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