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Millennial parents, here's your one stop solution for your baby blues: Baby G

Experiencing Baby Blues are very common for a new parent, but today this article will help you decode your solution. Presenting Baby G, the word G symbolises growth, genius and gurukul. This app helps children with overall growth, to develop their intellect and it's also their first place where they start learning.

BabyG is an early development app for babies (0-3 yrs) that help young parents to boost their baby’s development.

Think of it as a development coach who understands your baby’s needs and guides you everyday to be that amazing parent you always wished to be!

Now, let me take you to the biggest benefits of the application. Key offerings of BabyG app:

The application offers over 1000+ development activities for your kid. You need to invest the minimal time of bonding with your kid to encourage them in participating in these activities. It also has a very simple and self explanatory interface for anyone. There are monthly milestones and growth reports catered customized for your baby to ensure your baby growth. It also has customised meal plans and meal trackers for your babies that ensure your kid never misses out on the right nutrition.

Lastly there are articles, daily tips and expert opinions that help you clear all your doubts regarding parenting. They also have a global community and personalised plans for global kids as well that ensures the right plan for the babies all across the world.

So, with a simple tap, from anywhere in the world, you can download an app that ends all your queries, doubts and ensures all round development to your kid. Interesting right?

What are you waiting for? Download the app today and do follow them on their social media handle to stay updated on the most recent updates.



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