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Millennial parents must learn to foster self esteem in their children

Sometimes it is visible to us when our child is confident about themselves, they feel and when they are lacking confidence in themselves. This feeling of feel good is what we know as 'Self-esteem'. A sense of positive feeling is the greatest gift you can gift to your child. Children with high self-esteem are more productive, they feel loved and competent and develop into happy individuals.

Here are Kids with self-esteem feel like-

  1. They feel liked and accepted

  2. They start feeling confident about themselves

  3. Start feeling proud of what they can do and about their capabilities

  4. Have a sense of Positivity in themselves

  5. believe in themselves

Whereas kids with low self-esteem usually possess this quality-

  1. They become self-critical and hard on themselves

  2. Start feeling that they're not as good as other kids

  3. Rather than thinking about success, they think about what if they fail.

  4. Lack confidence

  5. Have self-doubts about their capabilities.

Why is self-esteem so necessary?

It's very important for kids to feel good about themselves, and own the confidence to try new things in life. Self-esteem helps kids to cope with failures, give them that enthusiasm to start things. Kids who lack self-esteem start feeling unsure about themselves. They allow everyone to allow them to treat poorly cause they think they are not capable enough.

Here's how you can develop self-esteem.

Help your child to learn to do new things

It's very important to let your kids do things on their own. This allows them, to be dependent on themselves. Even during childhood allow them to hold their cup, learning them to dress on their own. This will help their self-esteem grow.

Praise your child but do it accordingly

It's good to praise your child on their every little attention but don't over-praise them. Try to focus on praising their efforts rather than on the results. This will help to grow more confident.

The way you'll praise them will show how much you are proud of their achievements.

Focus on their strengths

A lot many times, we impose our expectations and dreams on our child and as a result of this, they might feel burdened with this and won't be able to excel. It's always important to know what are their strengths, and what they enjoy the most to do. Allow them to do what makes them happy. Focus on their strengths rather than on their weakness, this will help their self-esteem grow and will improve their attitude.

Don't compare them with others

The foremost, important thing is this. Stop comparing them. Every child is special and talented. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Comparing will make your child feel unsure about themselves. They will start doubting their capabilities. Try not to compare your child with others.

Spend Adequate time with them

Spending time with them, talking with them, playing with them positively nurtures them. Take out some time from your schedule, make it a routine to spend sufficient time with your child. Go for walks, bike rides, or whatever that make them happy. This way you will be able to know them in a much better way.

Self-esteem grows when kids are allowed to do what they enjoy doing. Helping your child to grow more self-esteem is important. This helps them to grow into better, kind, and happy individuals. Try not to become an overprotective parent. Teach your child the power of resilience and of staying encouraged.



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