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More than shapes: Where simplicity meets Elegance!!

An Indian clothing brand, promoting sustainable fashion and defining the Indian textile industry in their own way is the brand More than shapes.

Talking about the Indian textile industry, it is vast spread across India and the designs depict Indian culture with ethnicity. This brand showcases the hard work of artisans and gives them a place to showcase their work as well as earn a decent living out of it. It not only promotes the textile industry of India but also encourages the Millennial to purchase them. All the products in ‘More than shapes’ are handcrafted. They have intricate hand block prints, tie-dye, boutique prints and much more. All their clothes are 100% cotton.

A brand is known as sustainable when the clothes which are designed, manufactured and distributed by the brand is done in an environment-friendly way. More than shapes believes and promotes sustainable fashion and sustainable lifestyle through their work.

This brand is more than just a clothing brand. It believes in making outfits which help artisans to promote their work, it gives utter importance to handcrafted work as well as each of their outfit has an emotion hidden in them. All their products are inspired by human emotions in a way. These clothes make one feel empowered and bold in their own way. This brand is so much more than just being a fashionable brand.

Zumana Zia, the founder of More than shapes completed her graduation in fashion designing from Pune in the year 2019, after which she joined as a designer in the export world and got exposure to corporate work. Due to the pandemic, she had to stay at home and by then she had already learnt quite a few things about being a designer and manufacturing products. Her father had his own workshop where a few artisans would do block printing and they would supply the fabric. The pandemic had taken a toll on them too. This is when she thought of opening her own brand and promoting their work and helping them in some way.

The block printing industry is more famous with ethnic or urban prints, hence this brand promotes more fusion work where the younger generation is more encouraged to wear them. Her prints are more abstract and are widespread among everyone.

There is a lot of hard work which goes behind each outfit as they are handcrafted with a lot of emotions behind them. She not only promotes the roots of Indian culture but also promotes the spirit of being bold and brave through her work.

Her collection is made to make people feel they can rule the world. She believes in being a brand that believes in transparency and creating a bold statement through her work, which is showcased in her BB collection which stands for the spirit of bravery and being bold. She has a ‘made to rule set’ to ‘stand out in a crowd’ look which will make one to look different from the crowd. Her UPfunk Safari collection is to promote how one can be fun and calm and yet have a bold personality. Each of her collections stands out in a unique way. She had recently launched a unisex collection which was a huge hit.

She has a variety of prints and loves to play with colours. The starting range of the clothes is about Rs.1,000 and goes up to about Rs.4,000. Her collection starts from shirts, jackets, tops to even jackets.

You can DM them on their Instagram handle or scroll through their website to grab an outfit from their beautiful collection of enigmatic outfits.


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