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Not just a label: An eponymous label by Mannat Gupta

Mannat Gupta is a brand that is committed to targeting women that believe in their individuality and independence as well as encourage them to be more confident. They disregard the stereotypes associated with India and Indian women. It hopes to be the predominant ready-to-wear contemporary brand choice for all women around the world one day.

Mannat Gupta was born and brought up in Uttarakhand. She addressed her interest in artistic work and made her creative and innovative mind dwell on fashion designing. She graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from the Parsons School of Design. Studying at a university in New York not only gave her immense exposure to fashion and much more but also redefined her as a person.

By the end of 2019, Mannat was sure about what interests her and she started her journey as a designer. In her initial days, she experimented with different designs and fabrics and started to understand the different elements of fashion. She set her hand on powder dyes, which she started making at home to create various textures and patterns on fabrics. The sophistication in her taste and her love for admiring timeless designs gives it a modern touch, which shows in her collection.

Mannat Gupta charms her way by making women experience phenomenal clothing and ultimate comfort with her designs. Playing with colors and adding drama to the outfit that makes a bold statement is what she enjoys. From adding minimalistic designs to simplistic cuts or using fabrics with bold colors or using opaque and translucent fabrics is what their label is known and cherished for. Manipulating colors and bringing out something unique is undoubtedly one of her strengths.

Her collection always represents something in particular and inspires one to wear those outstanding outfits. Mannat’s first collection was inspired by fabrics that she dyed naturally using flowers and spices, which later were printed on different kinds and weights of fabric.

Their latest collection, Beyond, is inspired by the beautiful paintings of Mark Rothko (‘multiforms’) which spoke volumes. This collection is known for making one imagine beyond what is right in front of one’s naked eyes. It hits each one with their own experiences and ideas but at the same time, it speaks so much more.

Their motto is to stand for women who are progressive, bold, and on the go. They stand for women who are always ready to take risks which shows in their products as well.

Mannat Gupta not only has a keen interest in creating products that women enjoy but also builds a community of like-minded people who are interested in supporting women and upcoming artists. Her designing process starts with choosing a piece of fabric and draping it into different pleats to get the look she wants. Most of her collection is inspired by her personal experiences and emotions to reach a place where people know her as well as enjoy her work.

For Mannat Gupta, satisfaction is not only doing her work diligently but also helping the people around her and giving back to society. She has been a volunteer at an NGO, Devbhumi, where she taught underprivileged children how to read and write as well as provide them with basic health care. Martha Graham once said, “The only sin is mediocrity” and that is something Mannat strongly believes in.

I have linked the website so that you can go through the same. I have also mentioned the social media handle so that you can stay updated on the latest offerings.


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