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Old Marigold: Pioneering Sustainable Practices in Fashion and Lifestyle for a Greener Future

Introducing Old Marigold, a brand that prioritizes sustainability and pays homage to India's rich cultural heritage. They source all of their products from local Indian artisans and follow a zero-waste approach to production, ensuring that every item they sell is 100% sustainable and aligned with conscious living principles.

Old Marigold's products are not only visually appealing but also highly functional. Their design philosophy is inspired by their travels across India and centers on creating sustainable, long-lasting products that reflect natural materials and designs and celebrate the culture in which they were created.

The founder, Saumya of Old Marigold developed a passion for upcycling and creating new things from old materials at a young age. Despite having no formal education in fashion, entrepreneurship or design, she leveraged her experiences in e-commerce, retail, supply chain, and design from previous ventures to lay the foundation for Old Marigold.

Her deep-rooted love for sustainable fabrics and floral patterns, specifically chintz, became the basis for the brand. She saw a gap in the market for western-style fits in Indian fabrics and prints and founded Old Marigold to fill it.

One standout collection from Old Marigold is the Kainaat collection, featuring intricate gota, katdaana, and tassel detailing on pastel palettes. This unique collection perfectly captures the beauty and diversity of Indian culture and showcases the exceptional skills of the local artisans with whom Old Marigold works.

Old Marigold's commitment to sustainability is evident in all aspects of their business, including their use of leftover materials to create additional sustainable products. This approach not only reduces waste but also allows them to offer a wider range of sustainable products to their customers.

When you support Old Marigold, you are not only supporting local Indian artisans but also contributing to a sustainable future. Visit their website & instagram to explore their Kainaat collection (author recommendation) and other sustainable products and celebrate India's culture while making a positive impact on the planet.



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