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Parenting Trends to follow in the year 2021

There were a lot of changes taking place in 2020 and many trends became popular too. The globally excepted new parenting trends are one of them. Parents undoubtedly always want the best for their children. Moreover most parents work and it becomes difficult to balance their work and family. Today’s parents are being conscious about their parenting choices.

Eco-friendly parenting: Millennial parents are more aware of the situations and the impact of us on the environment. Hence most parents are opting eco-friendly options for their children. Like making food at home instead of buying canned products, reducing the use of non-biodegradable things, finding substitutes to products which might cause harm to the environment, etc. In this way the children will also be more environmental conscious.

Everyday Take 20: Parents are realising the importance of giving time to their children in order to know them better and be better parents. This new trend which started in 2020 is known and everyday take 20. This means and each day parents have to sit with their children for 20 minutes and talk to them about anything and everything. Families are playing games together to increase the bonding with their children.

Gender-neutrality: This trend is starting to grow more in the last few years. This means that parents allow their children to wear the colour they like and play with the toys they want to. The parents now want to break the norm of pink for girls and blue for boys. More and more people are being comfortable with this idea and are teaching their children to be independent in their thoughts and to break all norms restricting gender.

Two children only: A lot of parents started following this trend of stopping at two children only. This is a very well thought and conscious decision by parents to save the planet by saving it’s resources.

Vocal of their thoughts: Many parents are now encouraging their children to be more vocal about their thoughts and issues. It is important to teach the upcoming generation to have a perspective of their own and to know the difference between right and wrong.

Normalizing issues: More and more children and parents are dealing with anxiety nowadays. It is important that children are given the space to talk about these things and they can get themselves checked and cured. Children are also told to acknowledge the societal injustice that takes place so that they can be more vocal about the issues they are facing.

Less screen time: Today’s children are born in the digital world where with a click they can get access to what they want. To let this not be a negative impact for children, parents are trying to decrease the amount of time they spend online.


A lot of parents are not satisfied with the education their children are getting in public schools. Hence a lot of parents are passionate about teaching their children at home. It is more beneficial for children to learn in a safe space is what the parents believe.

These are some of the trends about parenting that became more popular and more accepted in 2020.



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