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Plop Now- Explore the hottest new form of fiction!

Quitting her Pwc job, this women entrepreneur started her storytelling platform for the new era. Plopnow is a global interactive fiction entertainment platform founded by Anushka and Vineet Shetty that intends to educate and entertain or ‘edutain’ the millennials and the mobile-first generation in a format they understand: immersive, bite-sized fiction.

An Alumni of IIM Bangalore, and a chartered accountant by profession, Anushka loved to dwell in the world of books, literature until Academics overtook it. Working with PricewaterhouseCoopers for over five years, she felt suffocated and stuck in this corporate rat race that everyone is now a part of.

One day, on realizing that how they have missed out on reading books other than academic ones, and like others they are also busy, indulged themselves in social media, texting through apps and that's how the idea knocks into their minds of creating something that the new generation can also enjoy and learn, all from their gadgets only. And this, the path of her life changed from a corporate job to being an entrepreneur along with her friend Vineet and Plopnow was created.

Plopnow is a global entertainment platform that encourages the new generation to read and the best platform to reach them out is definitely, Online!

They started Plopnow to entertain and educate the millennials and the new generation in a format they understood: enchanting, bite-sized fiction. Plopnow was generated at IIM-Bangalore and is a part of the Goldman Startup Programme. The couple later shifted to Mumbai from Bangalore after it was successfully established.

In contrast to Anushka, Vineet is someone who has a vast knowledge about start-up and in fact, Plopnow is this third startup. A software engineer and alum of the Indian School of Business (ISB), he worked with EY for three years, He has also created Codeniti, which organized hackathons for NGOs, and Geek Out, a coworking space for tech geeks.

Plopnow is spread across multiple media, from the text, video, audio, simulations, and role-playing - it offers an interactive content experience, at the height of content and gaming and education as well.

"For the publishing industry, especially fiction there was no such innovation. However, Kindle was there but it's all about digitization of Paper. The idea behind creating plop was not only about reading a story but living in it" Says Anushka and Vineet.

Plop allows you to create your own stories in adventure and fiction. The current generation doesn't spend a lot of time reading books, thus plop is something that allows them to reinvent storytelling in another way that fits into the current generation and of the millennials.

Plopnow is the new OTT platform for reading and brings immense thrill and fiction to the readers. It's not only limited to written content but merges visual content with it. Aspiring writers can publish their own stories on Plopnow.

Their target audience falls on the age group of 18-35, most of them are women. This age group has taken interactive mobile reading format on a large scale and the response is also pretty amazing.

It is currently available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store and earns revenue from subscriptions and a pay-per-read model. Most of its in-app purchases are between Rs 30 and Rs 350. The subscription model works at $5 a month, pay-per-story at $1/story for an international audience, and Rs 30/story there or Indian audience.

Anushka Aims to take Plopnow into a large media company possessing all forms of new-age interactive media.



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