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Raining offers and Poila Baishak thali at One Sip Restro Cafe

A one-stop location for delicious food, amazing seating arrangements and music, feels like therapy to the soul is located in New Town. One Sip Restro Café has a European feel and spreads up to 4,500 sq ft with a seating arrangement of 150+ guests.

This is a joint venture by three friends who are passionate about music and wanted it to reach people in a different ambience altogether. That is when One Sip Restro Café, a multi-cuisine place with marvellous food and extraordinary ambience came into functioning. They have different live events, movie launches, sports screening, live music with alluring wall decors and low light seating arrangements. This place makes everyone feel a sense of comfort and ease.

This is a massive place that is divided into different sections. The vast floor seating has a grand stage in the form of a piano which adds to the charismatic experience. Musicians and singers perform on the piano stage and many live events are held there. This is not only an astounding place for newborn or creative singers but also for people who love playing different instruments. There are guitar, keyboard, Cajon and other instruments one can choose and play in front of a live audience. You want karaoke, they got it, you want to show your moves, they have a DJ who will play your favourite dance numbers. This place is undoubtedly a paradise for music lovers.

They have something known as dhak tables which have fountains inside and you can choose aquarium tables which are filled with colourful small fishes moving inside the fishes. Isn't that such a different and soothing experience?

They have a shisha lounge which has bean sofas and you can move them accordingly to sit with your group of people and enjoy. One can enjoy the privacy they want when they are with their friends or family.

Their balcony seats, especially the ones beside the railings are the best to enjoy live music. One gets an amazing view from the top as well as play games right on their tables. The guests can play games like Ninja, Super Mario, Pacman and plenty other fun games right on their dining tables.

Apart from these seating arrangements, there is one more hidden gem in this place where people can sit and chill with their group while sipping beer. This particular area doesn't have any tables and that's because it doesn't need any. There are staircase seats available to make people nostalgic and remind them of their old and gold memories of college or school days when sitting on stairs or gallery seats and gossiping while munching on food was like an everyday thing. The hush and rush of life have taken away those beautiful days from us but nevertheless, one can come to this propitiate place and enjoy the bliss of sitting on stairs.

"I miss my college days, hanging with my friends and sharing chips and chaat in the gallery and staircases of Bengal Engineering College. So, people like me will surely find a place over here to feel nostalgic. It's not a feeling of a restaurant when you step in. It's a feeling of your own place of adda", says Paramita. She is one of the co-owners of this place. She is a software engineer from Bengal engineering college and later on worked in a corporate job. She left her secured job as opening a music-themed café like One Sip Restro Café was her dream venture.

Poila Baishak is a special occasion for every Bengali and One Sip Restro café has come up with a Bengali thali priced at just Rs 699/- which includes dishes like Dimer devil, Chicken cutlet, Fulko luchi, Kashmiri Aloo Dum, Ghee Bhaat, Sona Moong Dal, Jhuri Aloo Bhaja, Muro chorchori, Basanti pulao, Dhokar dalna, Doi Katla, Dhonepata Murgi Kosha, Aam er chutney, Papad, Malai Malpua and Rosogolla. 

Out of the plethora of items, my personal favourite was the Dhokar Dalna, Dhonepata Murgi Kosha, Aam Chutney and Dimer Devil.

The thali will be available till 15th April and it's a steal deal at this price segment.

Along with this, they have also launched the IPL Sipper Month where they are offering hard drinks starting from just Rs 30/-. Even a peg of Jack Daniel's costs below Rs 200/-, just imagine!!. They have also launched a few combos for IPL which are very appealing and the pocket pinch for 2 along with drinks is mere Rs 700–800/-

This place is open to everyone. You can visit here with your friends or family, come on a date or you can also ask for section bookings if you want the whole space for any typical celebrations or occasions.

"Read the walls. All are about music. Some will make you smile, others will just mesmerize you. Take a look at our Legend's wall. You will find your legend from any genre you like. Let us know if we have missed any legends and we will try to include the photograph of the legend on the wall. Music makes us happy and it refines our mind. Heard of music therapy? We are also planning for the same to take you out of your depression.", says Ishita who is the co-owner of this place and is also a psychologist and vouches for music being a therapy that can cure people and make them feel relaxed and reposeful.

Location: 5th Floor, The Terminus, New Town, Rajarhat. (Same building where Hotel Pride is located).

Timing: Noon to Midnight.

Bookmark this place and do pay a visit. I have mentioned the important links like the Zomato handle and the Google maps location for your convenience.

Wishing you all a very Happy Poila Baishak!!



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