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Redefining classic jewelry with Diamond Plus!

If you're someone who loves jewelry as much as I do, trust me, you're going to love this article. I'm sure you have heard the name Diamond Plus as they are an eminent brand when it comes to fine jewelry. You can see intricately detailed work from industry experts. The Artisanal craftsmanship is very commendable & astonishing. Founded by Mr. Shashi Kapoor & Ratika Kapoor, this brand is the perfect amalgamation of luxury, and classics with a tint of modern work as well.

Every handcrafted piece has an amazing story behind it. Diamond Plus has been a recognized name in the city since 2001. With rich experience in the diamonds and jewelry business, this firm has become a celebrated name for its stunning designs and collections."

Take a look at some of their amazing designs and my personal favorites-

Now let me share, what makes me fall in love with this brand as you know, how particular I am with jewelry. I love the experience and security of the brand and the founders. This is something super important as it helps us picture the brand & helps us as a customer to rely on a brand.

The prices are at a very competitive range and the brand never compromises on quality. All the gold & diamonds are hallmarked & certified. I even compared some of the prices and was astonished to see that some of their pieces are 30% to 40% cheaper than major online brands.

"From classic styles to bespoke pieces, the fine craftsmanship highlights each precious piece of jewelry. Adding a spark to each occasion, there is something for everybody and suitable for special events like weddings and other ceremonies" says the founder.

They have newly launched their home luxury section too, which displays some of the most well-known global brands like Versace, Carnival, etc. All the pieces are made & segregated keeping in mind about the demographics of the buyers.

So what are you waiting for?

Take a look at their website or social media handle to buy your favorites now.



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