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Redefining Western Wear with Ennso the Label

Today I will be sharing a very special story of a female entrepreneur who is working on revolutionizing the entire Western Wear category in India. Yes, you heard me right!!

Meet Nitika Nayyar, founder of Ennso The Label, I loved interviewing her and getting insights about her brand. Before we dig more into the article, take a look at some of my handpicked pieces for you.

The brand started with simple designs and just posting over social media but the amazing response from the customers helped Nitika to think about the bigger picture. Honestly, who won't love designs like these!

Nitika is a NIFT graduate and also did her Master's from London School Of Fashion. She was always super keen about working with Western wear and her passion stems back to her childhood.

I found a very sweet and meaningful story associated with the Brand name, Ennso the label. The brand name is literally the initials of the founder and her husband. That's a very sweet name indeed but there is a very meaningful side associated as well. Ennso in zen buddhism means a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. Isn't this wonderful?

Now I will be sharing the best part of the article, i.e, what makes me fall in love with this brand. Nitika and Sorub (her husband and Co-founder) belong from the creative industry so I love their deep creative insights.

Secondly, Nitika with her fashion background is very prompt with her designs and her one of the biggest expertise is that all her designs have different cuts, patterns and kindof redefine the way Western wear is generally presented in India. I also love the way embellishments are used in some of the pieces.

I will be adding a few pictures where you would do some wonderful work with hand embroidery and surface ornamentation. The last and yet the most crucial factor for the Indian market is the Affordability. The brand is very affordable and functional. I love how the brand has maintained the quality and pricing so efficiently.

Now for this upcoming festive season, you know how Ennso the label can make you the spotlight to the event. I have also linked their instagram handle so that you can keep yourself updated about the latest offerings.

So what are you waiting for? Place your order now.



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