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Renaissance in beauty and Wellness — INJA Wellness

A brand which believes in the importance of holistic wellness which goes beyond an unidimensional approach to beauty and health, INJA Wellness.

INJA Wellness aims to provide nourishment for skin, hair, joints, nails and the entire body from within. A range of pure and vital supplements which enhance beauty, the mind, and overall wellness of the entire body.

Founded by Sensei Bhavesh Sheth, a health and fitness enthusiast, a 4th degree Black Belt Karateka who has participated in International Tournaments in Japan & India. A cyclist and sportsperson who believes in quality and trust assurance being the root of a brand. His immense hard-work and dedication has made the brand, one of a kind.

INJA Wellness offers the highest quality of Collagen supplements which are sugar free, gluten free and have no added preservatives. They source only the finest quality of Collagen from Japan and India. The brand also donates 1% of their website sales to, an NGO, to help provide clean water to those in need. Collagen benefits the skin by restoring skin’s youthful appearance, improving skin tone and texture.

It also helps our hair, nails, and the entire body. Our body slows down the production of Collagen after the age of 20, which causes wrinkles, fine lines, joint pain, hair fall and other signs of ageing.

Taking Collagen not only supplements oneself with Collagen, but also boosts Collagen production of the body. The Collagen supplements offered by INJA Wellness is the first step to healthy living and healing from within.

Do check out their website to see the plethora of products in their catalogue and select the one you think is suitable for you.



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