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Slurrp Farm- An innovative way of putting health into snacks

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

In the year 2016, two mothers thought of an innovative start-up idea which is now raised to $2 million in a series A round from a multi-stage venture fund Fireside. Before we go into the details of this amazing start-up, let us understand the thought and purpose behind it. They are planning to use the funds raised for product innovation, marketing and increasing inventory for the company. But first let’s know what Slurrp farm is about and how it strated.

Slurrp Farm is a start-up by the co-founders or as they like to call themselves co-chasers Meghana Narayan and Shauravi Malik. The two friends met at a Diwali party in London and had a discussion on fun business ideas. Meghana Narayan received the Rhodes scholarship to study in Oxford and after that she pursued an MBA from Harvard Business School. She worked at McKinsey for seven years.

Shauravi Malik on the other hand studied economics at Cambridge University and worked in the consumer, healthcare and retail advisory team and finance team at JP Morgan. She was an investment manager at Virgin Group in London. They were joined by Umang Bhattacharyya who had an experience in photography, graphic design and video art.

Research shows that one in four children in India are either obese or malnourished. Most of the food products available for children are rich in sugar, salt, refined flour, etc. They have artificial flavours and colours and have preservatives. The two mothers realised that there should be healthier food options for children and hence started this company.

Slurrp farm is a millet-based packaged food start-up that focuses on children below the age of 10 years.

It aims to emphasize focus on use of super grains like ragi, jowar and bajra which are a healthier food option for children. They also launched their range of organic products like chia seeds, sprouted ragi cereal, brown rice, millets and oats porridge, organic jaggery and banana and nuts as products in powder form. The company offers as many as 25 products which include Millet pancake mix, puffed snacks, Millet dosa mix, cake mixes, cereals, cookies made with real butter. Not only children but adults are also opting for some of the healthy products this company has to offer.

They mainly focus on direct-to-consumer channel through their own website. Currently their products are available in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru besides on e-commerce platforms. They have plans of expanding this into other cities in India and to sell their products in retail stores and upscale grocery stores. They launched their products in UAE and Singapore and are currently eyeing on UK and US markets as well.

The pandemic made people more health conscious as well as made them more dependent on online retail. This made this start-up to have a 3x growth in their brand. It is working on new products and the company is working with leading nutritionists and paediatricians for this. They understand the need for inflection and bring a change in the food market. It’s high time everyone thinks about health of children and opts for an alternate healthier option.



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