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Suhani Gurnani: A brand redefining Awadh's opulence and art!

“Be true to yourself. Wear your heritage and your personality on your sleeve, feminine strength is a manifestation of all possibilities” - Suhani Gurnani

Suhani Gurnani, a brand that redefines Awadh's opulence and art, believes that a woman can break free from the shackles of the fickle world with a timeless approach to fashion, that she can be secure in her history and grounded enough in her heritage to embrace tradition in its purest form, and that she can truly empower people around her with her iconic style.

Suhani Gurnani is here with her label to relinquish Art of Awadh in her own art form, with a history of introducing Chikankari in India dating back to the Mughal period.

Passionate for all things traditional and hand-sewn, she began her journey two years ago under the label "Alekhya" with the aim of spreading her love of Chikankari across India. After achieving greater brand recognition and enhancing consumer relations, she decided to create ready-to-wear outfits with her own personal touch, which gave birth to the label “Suhani Gurnani” three months back.

It wasn't easy for her to expand its scope across India, but she experimented and took the required steps to make her dream a reality.

Suhani Gurnani realised that by starting her own venture, she was not only helping to preserve a tradition, but she was also empowering talented artists in the region. As a result, she embarked on her adventure.

All her collections are unique in their own way. They have the tradition alive with a touch of a modern approach to add a tinge of a contemporary look. All the outfits are ready to wear, so one can go through her collection and choose what one likes. The detailing of the work is impeccable.

“Ibtida” is her first collection, and it features chikankari artwork on velvet fabric. The outfits' colours were on the darker side of the spectrum. This fusion was a hit with the crowd, who had never seen chikankari work presented with such grace and thought.

Her next collection was “Khyal” where she mingled with tones again and presented them in medium to light tones. Her most recent collection, “Eidi”, features the most significant Eid sunnahs. She introduces this collection as a souvenir of love.

Each ensemble is ornately decorated to encapsulate, strengthen, and celebrate Lucknow's cultural history.

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