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Sustainable and reusable clothing approach with Nine Ombre!

The entire World is struggling with the pandemic of covid 19 and aiming to adapt to the new normal. This pandemic has taught us the value of sustainability and zero waste approach to a whole new level.

Modern Indian wear is norm breaking. This article is about a brand which aims to provide a sustainable, handcrafted, affordable and reusable approach to clothing.

Presenting Nine Ombre by Sakshi Bajaj, a brand which promises you sustainability with a touch of reusability.

Her label pledges to work on designs which can be wore on different occasions thereby enhancing your style quotient. Her idea of classic and minimalistic designs with monotones and different undertones is bound to startle you.

Check out her collection. Isn’t it amazing?

If you look closely to the collection you’ll see that the hues and craftsmanship is very immaculately done. The love for embroidery and the sheer hardwork in bringing those simple, minimalistic colours to life is evident in her designs. You have customisable options as well.

All the outfits are designed in a way that they can be wore (read mix and matched) with different outfits at different ocassions. Everytime you mismatch the outfits and wear it, it is bound to make your style quotient go high. Even for the quality of fabrics and materials used, the outfits can be wore over a longer period of time. This again adds to the cost efficiency of the product.

The beauty of modern Indian wear is that it is not seasonal and you can wear it throughout the year. It is multifaceted and sharp thereby over ruling the reproach attached to Indian wear.

In one word, Modern Indian wear is “Forever”.

You can also see that how you can use an outfit for Hi-Tea as well as for a day brunch by just mix and match it with other accessories and outfits.

“Even if the love for embroidery is constant still our brand promises versatility at the best price”, quotes Sakshi.

Her immense hardwork of becoming a designer even after not belonging from the industry was only due to the fuel of her passion. Her dedication and never giving up zeal helped her reach here.

So, what are you waiting for? Now, everytime you open your closet and feel that you don’t have anything to wear ( every lady would relate to this) then you’ll see how Nine Ombre gives you a lot of mix and match versatile options to simply rock at any event or ocassion.



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